Kid Nation slipped strongly from its premiere this week.  Down into the single digits as a matter of fact.  A trend that will surely only continue in the weeks to come.  This week it was a 9, next week probably a 7.  Surprisingly, despite it’s limited demographic appeal, a lot of critics, myself included, passed over Kid Nation as the possibility for the first canceled show of the season. It may have been one of the most missed predictions of the season.  Nobody wants to see the children cry – no really, we don’t want to see that – but it may be time for the tykes to pack it up.  And, what better time to bring back Jericho.

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swenciler said: I just can’t believe Kid Nation is still on.

Anonymous said: Kid Nation – ?????!

Anonymous said: Kid Nation is !@#!@ing show!

Seriously, there was talk that Jericho could be brought back early if there was surprise space on CBS’s schedule.  Better yet, maybe an early return could translate into an early renewal for the serial drama.  With the success of Bionic Woman, the timing could never be better.

Bionic Woman appeals to viewers with the same range of sensibilities as those who watch Jericho.  Even though it is on a different network, it makes perfect lead in viewing for Bionic Woman fans.  The biggest threat in the scripted department is ABC’s Pushing Daisies.  Daisies is a brilliant show, but we’ve seen this before.   Tim Burton doesn’t do much TV, if he did he would probably do something like Daisies, but since he isn’t it will just ring out as something from his stylistic trunk – see Wonderfalls.  Daisies will be an acquired taste.

The good news for Jericho in the 8pm Wednesday slot is the fact that it would be the straight shooting drama flanked by the weird new concept show, and the game show.  If there is a sizable audience for Bionic Woman at 9, there is a sizable audience for Jericho at 8.  Certainly bigger than Kid Nation‘s audience, and probably comprised of a more desirable demo.

So let’s tick off the reasons CBS should dump Kid Nation and bring back Jericho now:

  • Pushing Daisies is not a threat because it isn’t mainstream enough.
  • Kid Nation is already averaging lower than Jericho’s season high.
  • The buzz for Jericho is still warm, waiting longer may cool it down.
  • NBC’s October offering Phenomenon will not appeal to Bionic Woman fans anymore than Deal or no Deal.

Could the timing be more right?  Chime in.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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