Tonight is the premiere of ABC’s Private Practice and Addison is about to go through some major life changes.  Dr. Weber is upset after seeing Addison’s letter of resignation.  She says she needs a change and wants to see her best friend, Naomi.  Naomi is shown sitting on the floor crying in the bathroom eating ice cream while her husband, Sam, says he can’t do this.  As she compliments Violet, she’s shown calling a man but not saying anything.  Cooper, who also works at the L.A. practice, is left tied to a bed alone.  When she speaks of Pete, her thoughts of him go to the kiss that they shared when she first visited L.A.  Dr. Weber wishes her the best and Addison is on her way!

After a relaxing shower at her new house, Addison dances around her room naked except she’s seen by her good friend, Sam.  What an awkward way to find out that you’re going to be neighbors.  Sam is surprised to find out Addison is not only living in L.A. but hired to work with them.  Violet runs into Addison and also is surprised at the news.  Seems nobody knew that Addison was hired and nobody is happy about it.  Everyone blames Sam, saying Naomi is making a power play because she’s upset over the divorce.

Addison has to adjust to her new surroundings.  She’ll be delivering babies at the practice, not at the hospital.  She also won’t have a team around her, rather, just Dell, as her assistant.  Dell, the cute guy who answers phones and is studying to be a midwife.  That’s a change.  There’s no time for a fighting.  While a patient is attempting to give a sperm donation, he experiences a stroke and dies.  His girlfriend cries that she wants his sperm, even though he’s dead. 

Addison gets her first patient, Lucy, a young pregnant girl who’s going into labor.  Meanwhile, Dr. Charlotte King is completely against taking the dead man’s sperm while Sam tries to fight her for it.  Pete asks Addison if she moved there because of the kiss and she asks him if he’s deranged.  Sam and Naomi team up to take on Charlotte.

Dell calls Addison out, saying she doesn’t respect him or his “midwifery skills”.  Violet finds a woman on the floor, Jenny, acting strange.  Charlotte concedes and Naomi is allowed to collect the sperm sample.  Just when all is looking up, the man’s wife shows up.  The woman on the floor is a patient of Violet‘s and is in the middle of a store mumbling things and freaks out when she touches her.

Lucy experiences complications during labor and it looks like her heart is failing.  Ken, the man who died, has a wife and a girlfriend who both want his sperm.  Addison is upset that Lucy is having complications and she’s not in a hospital to fully help her do what needs to be done to save her.  She agrees to perform a c-section right there and Pete offers to help alleviate Lucy’s pain.

Naomi tries to convince Ken’s wife to let him go.  Addison successfully delivers Lucy’s baby but Lucy begins to crash.  Addison saves both mother and child and Lucy’s father is grateful for the work she did today.  You didn’t think Addison’s first day would be a walk in the park, did you? 

Ken’s wife agrees to let the girlfriend have the sperm and have a child.  Violet figures out why Jenny is having a breakdown in the middle of a store.  She had a son who died.  Cooper and Violet team up to get through to her in a heartbreaking scene.  They succeed and she breaks down on Violet‘s arms.  Sam and Naomi work together to help Leslie, the girlfriend, have a baby. 

Addison and Naomi talk over dessert and Naomi says she hired her because she needs her.  The staff call them to the conference room to discuss Addison’s new position.  Naomi apologizes for not letting anyone vote and now, they all want their say.  Addison jumps up to tell them she doesn’t care if they don’t want her, she’s hooked.  She tells them she’s here to stay and walks out.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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