Now that we’re all guaranteed another three years of irreverent humor from the South Park bunch, American Greetings has jumped on the bandwagon to give everyone a chance to send some South Park cheer across the miles.  The greeting card company has just signed a deal with Comedy Central to create a line of South Park cards.

After six months of painstaking research into what people consider funny and humorous, American Greetings Corp. seems to have come to the conclusion that guys appreciate anything that involves a good kick in the nether region, ethnic stereotypes and of course, bodily functions.  As a result, the Hallmark rival has decided to develop several specialized lines of greeting cards based on Comedy Central’s South Park and Reno 911.

“Our partnership with Comedy Central is yet another example of our commitment to truly understand what consumers find funny, so we can be sure our products deliver on that,” Michael Brown, vice president of licensing for American Greetings announced.

There will be seven South Park cards for birthdays and other occasions.  The initial batch will be available at Target stores nationwide.  Later versions which include show snippets and sound bites will be distributed through various retailers by next year.

“Comedy Central is a destination for laughs for millions of people every day and we’re proud to be bringing the humor from some of the network’s most recognizable shows to life in a new way,” Brown also remarked.
According to the study conducted by the American Greetings company, they estimate that the upcoming South Park and Reno 911 cards will most likely appeal to men between the ages of 18 to 34.  Not surprisingly, the said age range also happens to belong to Comedy Central’s target demographics.

Incidentally, the same survey revealed that women generally found “the funny parts of everyday situations and experiences” amusing.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Media Post, The Star-Ledger
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