American film and television actress Elizabeth Berkley was born on July 28, 1972 in Farmington Hills, Michigan. After attending North Farmington High School, she went on to pursue a career in acting. She’s most well-known for appearing in the sitcom Saved by the Bell and starring in the Paul Verhoeven film Showgirls. Other productions she has worked on are The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Titus, Without a Trace, CSI, NYPD Blue, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She has also appeared onstage in the play Hurlyburly. Her more recent appearances include a recurring role on CSI: Miami and a hosting role on the reality program Step It Up and Dance. Berkley also has sectoral heterochromia – her right eye is half-brown and half-green, while her left eye is fully green.

Jessie Spano is portrayed by Elizabeth Berkley in the television teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. A know-it-all and the gang’s resident crusader, she often devotes herself to numerous feminist causes, and is also the class president. She’s also a very intelligent student, and the love interest later on of A.C. She is childhood friends with Lisa and Zack, with the latter often climbing into her room via a tree outside her window. While she expected to graduate valedictorian, she ended up just a fraction of a point behind Screech, and settled for salutatorian instead.

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