During a little field trip to Tucson, Clay and friends realize that SAMTAZ has been involved in dealing crank. The king and his heirs are not amused. But what can you do, the show must go on.

So, trailed by some kind of law enforcement agency, the two Sams blow up some stuff, stare at each other menacingly and utter some clever one-liners. And suddenly all is forgotten. Or is it?

Surprises in Tucson, Part 2

Turns out a VP of the Tucson chapter has been dealing in dangerous territory. Maybe he even got his entire MC into the crank business under false pretenses, using it for his own benefit and, when found out, killing one member and blackmailing another into leaving the outfit. Clay and Jax, diplomatic as ever, present the facts to SAMCAZ and, when the tension rises, utter “handle your business” and walk away. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Opposition in Charming

Meanwhile, Gemma is plotting against the advancement of Charming Heights. Not to get too much into small town politics, but it involves the “Charming Heights Gardens,” the zoning committee and fundraisers. So who better to get on the board than Tara, a respectable doctor who surely would attract a battery of potent donors in order to save Charming Gardens, “a green sanctuary for 50 years”? Except that Gemma’s brilliant plans rarely pan out as planned.

John’s Letters

Tara has other plans anyway. Piney wants to learn about John Teller’s letters in her possession, and in a “one hand washes the other” scenario she wants to know what Gemma’s old man was like. After all, he seemed to have a clear vision for the MC and Jax seems infatuated with his dad’s musings. But Gemma is, of course, hovering over all of this and pretty overtly threatens Piney to not drive the club apart anymore unless he wants to push some daisies. But “that’s half the reason I do this,” he says.

Loose Ties

Meanwhile, Federal Prosecutor Lincoln puts an idea into Otto’s head that Bobby might have consummated a sexual relationship with his now deceased wife. The Redwood Originals, after stirring up much dust in Tucson over the local MC’s drug affairs, engage in quite a large drug deal themselves.

And again: menacing looks are exchanged and some stunned one-liners are uttered. That completes the particular circle of this episode.

What did you think about tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy? Exciting upping of the ante or mere water treading? Has Clay betrayed too many of his beliefs to redeem himself? And what is it with these letters?

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