After inheriting a medical practice from a man she met like once, Zoe Hart, out of options and her mind, moves from New York to Bluebell, Alabama to gain experience. Along the way, she meets quirk small town folk and hot Southern men. Like what I imagine a non-magical, not annoying Sookie Stackhouse would find if she were half as cool as this chick. That’s Hart of Dixie.

New York, Zoe Loves You

So Zoe Hart, aka Miss Eye Makeup, is a great doctor focusing with a great life: she lives in New York, she is wrapping up her respectable residency, she has the hottest clothes, and she has time to put on an obscene amount of makeup. But like many doctors on TV, Zoe does not care about her patients and does not get a job. So basically, she is like everyone else in the country. This is the first bit about Zoe is that relatable. Coolio, CW.

So, begrudgingly Zoe moves from New York to the South. I don’t get it. Is New York like some heaven for anyone who lives on TV? Is the South really that bad? Uh, no. Love interests case in point.

First, Scott Porter graces my screen as the town Golden boy. Given his other roles, I expect this George Tucker–which sounds Southern to me– revealed to be a jerk. But right now, his gentleman charm is working–on me and Dr. Hart.

Zoe treads to the practice, which looks like it is in desperate need of an air conditioner. Anyone, Harley–the mystery doctor man–leaves his practice to Zoe. Even though he is dead…

Credits! Oh, the CGI and the credits are pretty lame.

Big Fish, Small Pond

The big fish, small pond might be the only time someone has ever called Rachel Bilson big. Basically, Zoe takes the job and is given the lay of the land by her secretary. Notable character trait: she is impulsive.

Bluebell is basically Everwood, but more Southern and humid. There’s a flock of loveable oddballs and misfits and some nasty fake belles. It is almost like every other show Josh Schwartz has produced. Zoe is introduced to the almost insufferable Lemon King, who is about as sweet as Sour Patch Kids. Hopefully, she will become someone I love to hate.

Anyways, Zoe finds housing from the mayor and former football star Lavon Hayes; she leases a cabin in the woods that looks like it could be the plot of The Cabin in the Woods. Also, she has this hot neighbor name Wade who takes up all the electricity.

And just in case the show hasn’t showed how small and charming it is, Zoe walks down the street and runs into an alligator named Burt Reynolds! Luckily, George Tucker intercepts on his nightly job. They flirt a while, and even if you were clueless, this is when you realize that he is the love interest. And finally, the CW is finally playing up the often unaired country music in their attempt at being hip and cool!

Rachel Bilson is … a Doctor?

Anyways, Zoe buys a box of wine and gets drunk off of it. I’m surprised she can hold it. She proceeds to make out with the hottie down the road, Wade. Who says alcohol impairs your judgment?

Due to being the new kid, Zoe makes a mistake and George pays the price by being an accident. He dislocates his arm and Bilson is definitely not strong enough to set it back into place. She drugs him up, but how does this affect her strength? I don’t appreciate such obvious lies, Josh Schwartz. What I do appreciate is the other jerk doctor played by…Tim Matheson! He plays Brick, the doctor in town and father to that annoying Lemon girl. He is just what we needed! Now where is Seth Cohen?!

Zoe is ready to return home after her mother manipulates her into doing so. She goes to that dock was totally in The Last Song with Miley Cyrus–I didn’t watch it, my sister did– to see the cutie George. They talk, he says how much he loves his fiancee–that stupidly named Lemon girl.

Later, it is revealed that Lemon used to have a thing (whether she cheated or when it was on their off period I don’t know) with the mayor Lavon! The scandal! Not really, but I totally called it.

In plot stuff, Zoe has her first case-of-the-week when a girl hides her pregnancy from her mother and the town. Zoe must perform surgery as she is delivering a baby. I suppose this is where I am to suspend disbelief that she has medical skills again. Whatever. Zoe feels connected to the patients and decides to stay. Especially when she finds out Harley, the mystery doctor, was her father and that her mother lied to her whole life. What a drag.

Fun Stuff:

For this show, I am going to rate the Southern accents. Which are the best and which are the worst. The best was Zoe’s assistant Rose and the worst was probably… well, Zoe took up a lot of exposition, so next time.


Cute show, dumb name. I like the Everwood qualities but I feel like everyone’s personality needs to be fleshed out more. If Rachel Bilson could input a little more sass and fun and wore less eye makeup, this could be a really cute wholesome show that will remind audiences of a nostalgic The WB.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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Emily E. Steck

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