Would crying until your tear ducts break during Opie’s funeral make someone less of a man? Asking for a friend. It does? Damn it. Don’t use up all your emotions mourning the fallen Son though, because you’ll need room for one important feeling: hatred. Hatred for Gemma, as she’s quickly becoming the worst person since Pol Pot. Let’s go over why.

Gemma Kicks Puppies, Hates Babies and Ruins Prostitute’s Lives

Okay, so the first are just theories of mine but they’re probably true. One factual statement about Gemma is how she’s not above pulling dirty tricks on hookers. Remember last week how she beat Nero’s big earner Emma, thinking she had been tuning Clay’s engine (translation: exchanging sexual relations for currency)? 

Well, seeing as the Best Little Whorehouse in California just got raided, now Nero’s gang connections assume Emma dropped a dime on their operation. They calmly and rationally asses the situation, concluding Ms. Escort 2012 needs some death in her life. Which means Jax almost gets killed saving her. On the day of his best friend’s funeral. Slow clap for Gemma on this one, everyone.

Manipulating Everyone Around You for Fun and Profit

She’s not the only one who has it in for Emma, though. Nero’s criminal friends only knew her location due to a tip from Carla, his assistant. Gemma passes this info on to Tara in a tactful manner, namely goading her into beating Carla’s face in. This isn’t some playful cat fight either. Tara introduces Carla’s nose to her cast in brutal fashion. 

Acting Psychotic Right Before a Wake

Luckily, all of this occurs during a stress-free time in Jax’s life. Oh wait, that’s right, he’s burying his BFF4LYFE Opie that night. It’s a heartrendingly well done scene, with Jax placing a childhood photo of him and Opie hanging out particularly reminding me to “refill your antidepressants ASAP.”  Even in the middle of tragedy, Gemma finds plenty of time for making everyone’s life just a little bit harder. Seriously, I’m wishing they were burying her.

Overall, Gemma’s explosion of awful and its compelling funeral scene make this one of Sons’ better episodes. Hopefully this season we’ll either see the SAMCRO realize how vile she truly is and send her packing, or her character’s evil antics will escalate to new entertaining heights. Which would you prefer seeing? How sad were you while watching Ope’s wake? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
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Daniel Mikelonis

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