Fringe season 5 is bringing many changes to the sci-fi show. And no character is dealing with more changes than Olivia Dunham. 21 years spent stuck in amber, relationship drama, evil Observers and a newly grown-up daughter are only a few of Olivia’s challenges in season 5.

On a recent visit to the set of Fringe (a trip made possible by Warner Bros.), we had a chance to talk to actress Anna Torv about playing Olivia and coming to the end of her show’s run. Check out this video interview for the details!

Anna Torv, the Australian actress who has played Olivia Dunham for the five seasons of Fringe, is a lot more cheerful in real life. This may be because she doesn’t have to deal with Olivia’s day-to-day life, a life which tends to include monstrous creatures, alternate universes and human experimentation. Olivia has the right to be a little serious with all of that.

Want to know more about the final season of Fringe? Watch this interview with John Noble!

But you won’t see any of that seriousness in this Fringe interview. Check it out below!

While the fun comes from actually watching the video for yourself, here are some highlights:

  • This season is indeed a rather major reboot of Fringe. But Torv is right in noting that just about every season is a major reboot of Fringe.
  • If you’re going to stand around on a TV set for an extended period of time, there are worse sets than Walter’s lab. That place is fascinating!
  • The actors on Fringe have all insisted that this is a very fast-moving season. If it actually picks up speed halfway through, it may be a full-on sprint to the very end.
  • Is the biggest change for Olivia in Fringe season 5 going to be a lack of paperwork? At least we won’t see quite as big a change as we did between seasons 3 and 4 (what with the new timeline and all).

Do you expect Olivia to be different this season? How will she deal with Etta as a grown-up? What’s going on between Olivia and Peter? Leave your comments below!

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