There was a lot to love about The Good Wife season 4 premiere. Matthew Perry’s Mike Kresteva returned with a shamelessly manipulative campaign ad. Nathan Lane’s character manhandled David Lee. Kalinda and her ex-husband Nick manhandled each other. And Zach manhandled the law.

Then there was that chicken rap song. When Zach was pulled over, he was listening to an absurdly delightful song that featured nothing but clucking. The song is called “Mucka Blucka” by the surreal Michigan-based pop-rock band Tally Hall. Check it out at the 57 second mark of the following video.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the entire song is done in the weird chicken language. It’s the kind of fanciful ridiculousness only The Good Wife could get away with.

In many ways the chicken rap song reminded me of the talking lion phone speaker from season 2, a moment so surreal, funny and poignant that no Good Wife fan can forget it. The use of this Tally Hall song will always make me giggle and remember Zach taking down the law.

What did you think of “Mucka Blucka”? Are you clucking to yourself as you walk down the sidewalk today?

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

John Kubicek

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