My, how things can change in the matter of one week!   So many factors came into play this week on So You Think You Can Dance, from partners, to dances, to personalities.  BuddyTV readers felt that talent would play the biggest part in last week’s elimination and perhaps it did, with Rayven Armijo’s and Jamie Bayard’s solos falling short of the mark for the judges.  This week, we power rank the male dancers and some find themselves catapulted to the top while, for others, it just seems like a matter of time before they are sent home.  Take a look at this week’s rankings, see what you think, and post your thoughts!

9. Thayne Jasperson

It’s just not the week for contemporary dancers. Most of them land at the bottom of this week’s power rankings. The problem with Thayne is that I can’t necessarily differentiate him from Chris. They look different, sure, but neither brings forth a personality that makes me remember them and I can’t site one solo they’ve done that I’ve really liked. Both are going to have to do something different to become a little more memorable. Both should thank their lucky stars that they have partners who the camera (and America) seems to love.

8. Chris Jarosz

See above. He’s in trouble too.

7. Matt Dorame

Wow, I thought the judges were totally too hard on Matt. I think he’s cute and has a pretty decent personality. I don’t think he and Kourtni have the chemistry to make it too far in the competition, which is too bad, because I like both of them.

6. Gev Manoukian

Maybe Gev needs to land in the bottom three so he can impress me with his solo work. The disco never impresses anyone as it seems to be the easiest to do and always the least memorable. Gev was ranked in 10th place last week and only moved up a few places because of his partner, Chelsea Traille.

5. William Wingfield

Unfortunately, Will was paired with Jessica last week and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the pulled the tango from the hat. I have no idea why Mary called them the couple to beat and why they were so easy on Jessica. Will, however, was brilliant in the dance and I think he landed in the bottom because of his partner, not his performance. His solo proved why he should be there and I hope he never has to dance for his life for quite some time.

4. Marquis Cunningham

Marquis and Susie definitely deserve credit for their beautiful waltz together last week. I worry a little about his personality, that it won’t be enough to rope people in. We could say the same about Danny Tidwell though and he made it all the way to the final 2 last season. Marquis has everything it takes to be successful in this competition. He just needs to let America in a little more and become a fan of who he is as well as what he can do.

3. Mark Kanemura

I’d rank Mark higher except that I wasn’t a huge fan of Mia’s contemporary piece this week. It was weird and Mark’s weird (in a good way) but with Chelsie’s dress taking up 95% of the stage, and the dim lighting, I felt it was a little hard to judge his dancing. However, Mark continues to be a unique and creative dancer, and one who I want to see more of.

2. Twitch Boss

I actually love that Twitch didn’t pull hip hop out of the hat this week as I was looking forward to seeing what he could really do, now that he’s made the Top 20. His Broadway routine with Kherington not only showed off his personality, but his versatility. He’s by far one of the most likable people in the competition and he should sit atop the rankings all season.

1. Joshua Allen

Last week, he was ranked 9th out of 10. This week, he grabs the top spot. Of course, everything was in place for him to succeed last week. He danced in his genre, he got an amazing routine from Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo, and he landed a partner who surprisingly held her own and also catapulted herself to the top of this week’s power rankings. This could change easily should he pull something like the Viennese Waltz next week but for now, Josh deserves the top spot.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV