So You Think You Can Dance season 14 has already shown that surprise eliminations could be the norm — Robert Green got sent home in the first cut after an excellent first week. Which performer will be the next to go after the Top 9 perform?

The Best Performances

Mark Villaver

While Mark was way, way out of his comfort zone with the jazz number, he was clearly comfortable with Comfort. The judges praised both Mark’s dancing and his overall performance. Add in the contestant’s considerable charm, and Mark should be fine.

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Kiki Nyemcheck

After his spectacular flameout during the hip-hop section at the Academy, hopes were not high for Kiki taking on the style again. But it worked out. The judges were impressed, and the funky routine was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Sydney Tormey

A sad dance about loss always goes over well on So You Think You Can Dance, and Sydney gave the audience a beautiful version of this. Will it be enough to keep her out of the bottom three though?

Logan Hernandez

Logan got Allison back this week, and it seemed to work for him. His oddly futuristic jazz dance was beyond weird, but no one could say it wasn’t danced well. However, audience votes put Logan in the bottom three last week — even after a beautiful, highly praised routine — so this strange dance could spell more danger.

Kaylee Millis

Week 1 did not go great for Kaylee, but she is clearly popular with audiences. Her second performance went over better with the judges as well, so she should be good. Plus, dancing on one’s head is always a crowd pleaser.

Koine Iwasaki

A truly bizarre Afro-jazz number could be a problem for Koine — audiences might have trouble relating to a dancing insect — but she and Marko killed the performance. Barring stumbles in the next week, the judges are not likely to cut Koine anytime soon.

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Who Is in Danger?

Lex Ishimoto

Lex is an incredible dancer, but his Argentine tango did not exactly give the performer much of a chance to shine. The competition is fierce in SYTYCD season 14, so it could be a problem.

Taylor Sieve

The judges loved Taylor’s Broadway routine, but the style can be a tough sell to So You Think You Can Dance audiences. Even with praise and solid dancing, this could be dangerous for Taylor.

Dassy Lee

Dassy and Fik-Shun had Bollywood, the frequent death knell of the SYTYCD performer. There also were a few stumbles. Can charisma (and some legitimately great moves otherwise) save Dassy?

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Who Is Going Home?

Despite great performances, Logan and Sydney could very much end up on the bottom again. The judges have been impressed with both of them (especially Logan), though, so they could still be saved that way. Meanwhile, Lex could face some hesitation from those same judges, should the audience drop him into the bottom.

A fourth dancer in danger could be Taylor. Again, the judges were impressed, but she did not completely stand out and might face the end of the road.

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