Okay.  So I’ll admit, I’m not exactly adding anything new to the discussion.  But I remember first hearing about that rumor involving Katie Holmes showing up to perform for So You Think You Can Dance, and I thought, “whut?”  Of course, I wasn’t really aware of her recent encounters on the dance floor, which, as previously pointed out, involved a stint on Broadway and a guest role on Eli Stone.  So, okay, dismiss as rumor, let’s wait and see.

Now I’ve waited, and I’ve seen stuff, and looks like it will happen–or, at least, the possibility has spiked.  The folks at E! Online now reports that the plans to have Tom Cruise’s wife on board for a guest performance is indeed underway.  “As far as I know, that’s the plan,” a show insider said, adding that it won’t be for this week’s episode.  (Throw in the fact that she’s been spotted at dance studios taking lessons… plus photos of her bodyguard buying her ice cream afterwards.  Weird.  But anyway.)

The source can’t tell, however, when her performance is going to be.  Rumor is, it happens either in this season or the next season, which is slated for the fall.  Another rumor is, it’ll happen during the show’s 100th episode, which falls this season.  Another source said that a lot of dancers are rehearsing lately for a big performance, including previous SYTYCD graduates–could Katie be part of that mix?  No word, yet.

The folks at X17 also managed to catch up with judge-slash-producer Nigel Lythgoe, just as he is going to meet with Katie over the weekend.  He won’t say if it’s for SYTYCD or for something else altogether, but he did say the meeting went well, and they have “something very, very, very special” planned in the future.

I told you, nothing new to the discussion–at least nothing pretty concrete… or so I think.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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