Bret Michaels may be known for smooth antics on Rock of Love, but his stint on the Tony Awards went far from smoothly.  During Sunday night’s 63rd Tony Awards, the Poison frontman took the stage with his band and made the event memorable.  It wasn’t exactly for their performance, but because Bret missed his mark and ran into a piece of scenery which knocked him unconscious.

No one expected the star to be injured, since everything seemed to go well when Poison began their set with the cast of Broadway’s hair-metal play Rock of Ages.  Bret Michaels was belting out the lyrics to the band’s hit “Nothin’ but a Good Time” when the backdrop descended upon the stage, forcing the musician to the ground.

Below, you can find the video detailing what happened to Bret Michaels.  There’s the piece of scenery being lowered from the ceiling of Radio City Music Hall, and there’s the rock star jumping up, oblivious to it until collision took place.  He probably didn’t see it due to the headgear he was sporting.

Many speculated that he Rock of Love reality star broke his nose during the event, but the extent of his injury was not fully revealed. later found out from Bret Michael’s publicist, Joann Mignano, that he was planning on “getting X-rays” before heading to some after-parties.  She even added that the star was “a trooper” who “had a blast performing.”

Mignano also revealed that the rock star was on his way to making a full recovery.  A few hours after the incident, Bret Michaels was seen walking backstage at the Tonys.  Determined to overcome his injury, he even posed for pictures with the award-winning Liza Minnelli and Angela Lansbury.

Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris even joked that Bret hitting the scenery piece was an legend that “gave headbanging a whole new meaning.”  Luckily for him, the Rock of Love star was in good spirits and laughed off the comment.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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