Earlier this week, the Rumor Mill was churning overtime as news of an unlikely but adorable couple emerged: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bachelorette runner-up Ben Flajnik. Today, at least according to Ben, we’ve learn the story was nothing more than that: a rumor.

Last we saw him, Ben was still healing after his rejected proposal to Ashley Hebert by considering a gig as the next Bachelor. But news from the Mill said J-Love swooped in as soon as she saw that Ben was on the market. Here’s how the connection was made, according to US Weekly:

“Omg! Ben f except my final rose!!! Gotta book a flight to Sonoma !!!:):)” Hewitt Tweeted August 2. And when the pair cozied up at San Francisco’s Lion’s Pub four days later, the actress was similarly smitten. Though Flajnik initially stopped by the bar with San Francisco Giants player Cody Ross, he made a beeline for Hewitt after spotting her from across the room.

So was it a date or not? Earlier this week, a local San Francisco designer posted on her blog about spotting Ben and Jen getting friendly together at the restaurant, but her post has since been taken down. US Weekly‘s own “eyewitness” said, “It seemed like a first date, but he wasn’t overly affectionate.” And Jennifer’s own Twitter post the next morning hinted that she’d had a great night: “Morning lovelys! I got lost in the most amazing sat! Just when you think u can’t be surprised…. You are and it’s awesome!”

You might think a regular guy like Ben would be thrilled to have his name associated with a famous actress, but today Ben took to Twitter to shoot down the rumor: “Dear Rumor Mill, I am not dating anyone. Far too busy with work right now @evolvewines to even think about it. Go Giants. Out.” (He also posted a photo of someone we know he loves: His adorable dog.)

Was the whole romance invented by eye witnesses of Ben and Jen’s chance encounter? Or is Ben hitting the ‘deny’ button to keep his Bachelor potential intact? (Another anonymous tipper, this one an “insider,” tells US that Ben is ABC’s “favorite” for the gig. To which I say, “Well, duh.”) That’s the thing with the Rumor Mill: We may never know.

But whatever the case, don’t feel too bad for Jennifer: Her Lifetime Original Movie, The Client List, about a well-to-do housewife who falls on hard times and ends up boinking other people’s husbands at a seedy “day spa,” just got picked up as a series, and she’s producing. (Maybe that’s the “surprise” she tweeted about on Sunday morning?)

If you missed the film and want proof that the series is going to be trash-tacular, or you just want several huge belly-laughs, I highly recommend you read the Go Fug Yourself girls’ recap of the film here. (Yes, the spa is called the “Kind Touch” Health Spa.)

Wait, what was I originally talking about again? Oh yeah: Ben is single. Hey, laaaadies!

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