It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the finale for season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance.  Over the last few weeks, the show has dealt out some shocking eliminations, from contemporary dancer Will Wingfield to ballroom dancer, Chelsie Hightower.  Now, only 4 dancers remain – 2 contemporary dancers and 2 hip hop dancers.  Each brings a set of strengths (and weaknesses) to the table and it’s possible that it’s anyone’s game.  Here’s a closer look at the final 4 dancers, as we try to figure out what could earn them the title of America’s Favorite Dancer … and what could cost them it.

Twitch Boss

Pros: Twitch had a built in fan base from the minute he stepped on stage this year.  No fan of the show could forget that he was the last person to get cut in Vegas last season, with his spot going to Hok Konishi instead of him.  When he came back to audition this year, everyone was pulling for him.  His fans, his humorous solos, and a few memorable routines have brought him this far – and maybe this underdog can win it all.

Cons: Twitch started strong but started to slow down midway through the season.  His original partner, Kherington Payne, was sent packing but he was spared.  Routines that are out of his element are often clearly tailed to his style so that his lack of ballroom or contemporary training does not become blatantly obvious.  Some true fans of dance may not appreciate that and give him their final vote this week because of that.

Courtney Galiano

Pros: Technically, Courtney is a brilliant dancer.  In my first power rankings after Vegas, I ranked her first as she was very impressive in the callback rounds.  Partnered with Gev Manoukian, the two sparked rumors of a showmance after performing a few sexy routines.  Courtney is always entertaining, never boring, and always leaves everything she has out on the dance floor during her solos.

Cons: Courtney has landed in the bottom 2 twice, once when they were narrowing the field down to 12 and again last week, as the show headed to final 4.  Though she has done fairly well with votes and fan support, they don’t seem to always come through for her when it matters most.  Many have called her an underdog this season, with people feeling that Katee has performed better overall than Courtney.

Joshua Allen

Pros: Josh broke away from the pack early on in the season.  Paired with Katee, the two kicked things off with a memorable hip hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo.  From there, they tackled every style of dance and even became the first couple to perform a Bollywood routine.  With the least amount of formal training, Josh has defied the odds and has remained humble throughout, making him an extremely likable contestant that we can identify with.

Cons: Josh really doesn’t have that many things working against him, to be quite honest.  Perhaps his biggest obstacles are Twitch and Katee.  Twitch’s fans could pull through for him at crunch time and Katee has been a better technical dancer throughout.

Katee Shean

Pros: The most obvious pro is that Katee has danced brilliantly this season. She performs with a ton of energy and has adapted well to every style this show throws at her. She has been paired with great partners, such as Josh and Will. Katee has performed memorable routines that will be talked about for seasons to come and that have fans clamoring for tickets to the national tour.

Cons: Katee may show a lot of personality on the dance floor but not so much when she’s just being Katee. She seems unimpressed with the comments and endless praise she receives from the judges. Katee may have to show more than just the ability to pull off a great routine in order to win this competition and time is running out!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV