On last week’s episode of America’s Best Dance Crew, Lil’ Mama effectively signed the Boogie Bots’ death notice by calling them out as a crew that doesn’t excite her. America listened, voted Boogie Bots into the bottom two, and the judges promptly eliminated them from the competition.

Despite the harsh words in recent weeks, Boogie Bots started out strong, using their Transformers-inspired moves to impress the voters and the judges. BuddyTV spoke to Miguel Almario, a member of the Boogie Bots, about Lil’ Mama’s comment, the things that led to their elimination, the origins of their dance style and their future. Continue reading for the highlights or to listen to the interview.

-As viewers saw, Lil’ Mama’s comment did rattle the Boogie Bots, but they bounced back and were determined to prove her wrong. However, the crew took a long time deciding exactly what to do, and on the night before their performance, they decided to axe their whole routine and create a new one. Miguel admits it was a risky move that didn’t actually pay off, but to their credit, they didn’t want to perform the original dance which they knew wasn’t up to snuff.

-In describing Boogie Bots’ style, Miguel revealed it’s about a lot more than just robotic Transformer moves. Boogie Bots use that as a metaphor about changing and transforming different dance styles, so the true purpose wasn’t to just do robot tricks, but to transform from one style to another, highlighting the diversity of skills the guys possess.

-For the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew, the Boogie Bots aren’t sure what they’ll be doing with the other East Coast crews, but they look forward to blending all their different styles to create something unique.

-Looking forward, the Boogie Bots will continue to use their love of dance to entertain audiences and hopefully teach the next generation.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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