As if noise pollution isn’t a recurring problem already, here we hear The Hills star Spencer Pratt buying his own music company.  The fame-hungry reality TV celebrity apparently purchased the naming rights to the label, called “King Spencer Music”, for $23.

TMZ has acquired the documents for the deal, adding that it was apparently made on November 18, 2009.  As to what sort of music Spencer’s record company will produce, we can only guess.  But it’s safe to say it will greatly feature his wife Heidi Montag’s brand of music, if you can call it that.

The two Hills stars have been invading practically every industry in their desire to maintain some degree of popularity.  They’ve gone through several reality shows, caused controversy with reporters, and have even written a book titled “How to Be Famous.”

Now, Spencer has this music endeavor of his.  If that isn’t bad enough, there’s also Heidi trying (trying!) to be a poet.

Once again, the Hills star managed to offend a number of people with her words. Well, her poem wasn’t meant to be read or criticized.  It was just an expression of love for her husband Spencer Pratt.

Adorned with pink hearts like those you’d see on a gushing schoolgirl’s notebook, Heidi posted her literary effort on her MySpace account.  If you can bear to, read it here via OK! Magazine.

It starts off as you’d expect, mentioning how much she adores her husband.  “Spencer my love my heart my King,” is the first line, and like the rest of the poem is devoid of punctuation.  The next bits of the painfully long piece will probably anger Grammar’s persnickety hand, not to mention those of Rhyme and Rhythm.

The poem ends, though, with something that Heidi Pratt really means.  “You and God are the only things true / Love for eternity is what is to come through,” she closes off.

While it is simply the Hills star’s profession of her devotion to God and her husband, the last line has me thinking.  I read “Love for eternity” as a declaration of her desire to be immortal, infinite.  It’s certainly something the Pratts would want – more attention, and it’s possibly what they’re aiming for in 2010.  As with every year we have to put up with Speidi.

Source: TMZ, OK! Magazine
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Maria Gonzalez

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