Remember those days when Deidre Hall’s normally beautiful face seemed less winsome and more pallid and sunken?  I’m referring to the unforgettable string of episodes that bore the storyline featuring Hall’s Days of Our Lives character, Dr. Marlena Evans as a woman possessed by demonic forces.

Days of Our Lives:  Marlena Evans' (In)Famous Demonic Possession to Air Anew in Halloween Special

In celebration of the coming Halloween, those memorable Days of Our Lives installments will be re-broadcast over SOAPnet later this month.

For its Halloween offering, the all-soaps cable channel, SOAPnet, will showcase a mini-marathon featuring three of the most notorious episodes in the entire colorful history of the Days of Our Lives franchise.  Marlena Evans as Salem’s very own devil incarnate became one of the, if not the, highlights of the 1995 season and has gone down in daytime soap lore as one of the most talked about storylines ever.

On October 28, episodes numbered 7,528, 7,531 and 7,570 will air anew over SOAPnet starting at 9pm eastern and pacific.

In episode 7,528, which kicks off the Days of Our Lives Halloween special at 9pm, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) has caught on to Marlena even as the possessed Salem psychiatrist transforms into a panther and gets a swarm of bees to attack the aging Shawn Brady (Frank Parker).  This installment originally aired on May 12, 1995.

The second episode scheduled for 10pm features Marlena levitating in front of her stunned loved ones.  When they attempt to communicate with her, she responds as the devil and everyone comes to the decision that an exorcism is their only recourse.  Episode 7,531 was originally broadcast May 17, 1995.

The final installment scheduled to close out the marathon at 11pm is episode 7,570, which first aired July 18, 1995.  In it, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) fights the devil for Marlena’s soul even as the rest of her family and friends believe she is already dead.

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