The day has finally arrived! Tonight at 9 PM (don’t forget the new time!) Gossip Girl premieres for Season 3 with “Reversals of Fortune,” when we’ll finally get to see what life is like for new couple Chuck and Blair, newly famous Serena, newly rich Dan, Jenny, and Rufus, and new couples Nate and Bree and Vanessa and Scott!

Below, find everything you need to know to catch up before tonight’s episode, plus my personal predictions and things to watch out for during the premiere. Follow me tonight on the BuddyTV Gossip Girl Twitter during the episode (on Eastern time) and check back later for my full episode recap!

Until then, tell me: what do YOU hope to see tonight on the season premiere of Gossip Girl?

What to Watch for:

Style Reflecting Substance: This summer the CW has been making an even bigger fuss than usual about how all the main Gossip Girl characters’ wardrobes relate to their personal development. I’m most excited to see how Blair and Jenny’s styles tonight will reflect their changing roles: Blair just became a fish out of water at NYU, where headband crowns no longer apply, while Jenny looks slated for a major “big fish, little pond” storyline as she takes over the Queendom at Constance.

– Moments of Self-Awareness: In the past, they’ve been pretty rare on Gossip Girl, but the transition out of high school and into college (or, in Chuck’s case, business) provides the GG writers the perfect opportunity for each character to step back and honestly assess who they are–and who they want to become. I’m hoping this means lots of funny references to the past 2 seasons for us devoted watchers, and fresh, deeper storylines that are more about character development than Scooby Gang antics. These types of revelations are rarely easy, though, so watch out for the growing pains of becoming adults as a major theme this season.

– Changing Alliances:
Gossip Girl has always been about who’s in, who’s out, who’s rich, who’s not, who’s classy, and who’s trashy–but this season, as the kids become even more adult, the show will kick it up a notch with plots about rival old money families the Archibalds and Buckleys and the very literal blending of rich and poor when the VDWs and Humphreys become one household. Not to mention the shifting social hierarchies that Chuck, Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan and Vanessa, and Jenny will each face at school, at college, in business, and in the tabloids. I’m excited to the potential new friendships (Blair and Dan, for example) that could form in these new environments, and the fall-out as some high school friendships must inevitably fade away to more adult responsibilities and priorities.

– Same Sh*t, Different Campus:
And yet, despite all these changes in Season 3, we’ll still get the same bawdy one-liners from Chuck, over-the-top tantrums and revenge plots from Blair, silly life choices from Serena, and dumbfounded earnestness from Nate. In a way, it’s comforting that, just like Gossip Girl herself, the same ol’ drama will be coming along with the cast to college. I mean, if it didn’t… what show would we be watching, anyway?!

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-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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