How many villains does it take to fill the void left by Lex Luthor?  For months we’ve assumed that only two new baddies were joining Smallville next season, but now TV Guide is reporting that a third has been added to the mix.  The character Maxima, who just happened to fight Doomsday during the “Death of Superman” arc in the comics, will be coming to Smallville to stir up trouble for Clark.  According to Superman lore, Maxima is the oldest child of a hifalutin family on the planet Almerac.  When she comes to Earth searching for a suitable mate, she sets her sights on the Man of Steel, who’s already wrapped up in an epic romance with Lois Lane.  Unfortunately, Maxima doesn’t handle rejection very well, and Superman quickly learns that upsetting a woman with super strength, sizzling eye beams and telekenesis is never a good idea.

Actress Charlotte Sullivan, who recently starred on the Canadian soap opera MVP, has been cast in the villainous role.  Maxima will make her first appearance in the series during the fourth episode of season 8, and TV Guide reports that she’ll be locking lips with two of Smallville‘s hunks shortly after her arrival.  It looks like she’ll waste no time in her search for a mate.

The addition of Maxima gives Clark (Tom Welling) quite a few problems to deal with next season.  He’s going to have to fend off the dangerous, seductive charms of Tess Mercer, who comes in during the premiere to take over the Luthor estate after Lex’s disappearance.  He’ll also have to face off with Davis Bloome, aka Doomsday, who starts off as a charming paramedic, but soon realizes that he has a terrible dark side.  How will Maxima fit in to all of this?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Smallville season 8 premieres September 18 on the CW.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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