#5 Anna Paquin in ‘True Blood’

BuddyTV writer Oscar Dahl has called Paquin “the most fetching gap-toothed actress in Hollywood,” which is certainly true. Though we could probably pull a freight train through those two front teeth of hers, it doesn’t stop us from admiring not just her beauty, but her talent as well. The second youngest Oscar winner ever has blossomed into a real fine woman. After finding success as the southern mutant Rogue in the X-Men film franchise, she once again puts on a southern drawl as a psychic waitress in the Louisiana bayou in HBO’s sexy vampire drama True Blood. In the drama, she develops feelings for a brooding vampire, something nearly every female TV viewer has done since Angel, Spike, and Mick St. John entered the picture. The vampires may be sexy to the ladies, but for men, it’s hard to beat a good ol’ southern gal, even if she’s played by someone born in Canada.

#4 Elizabeth Reaser in ‘The Ex List’

Audiences connected to Reaser during the third season of Grey’s Anatomy where she played Ava, the pregnant crush victim who developed a crush on Dr. Karev. That exposure made her a recognizable star, and now she has her own show as a charming young woman looking for love.

Grey’s Anatomy may have given her a break, but it never gave her a chance to show off how sexy and beautiful she can be. For a long time, she was obscured in injury make-up, then in season 4 she went a little psychotic and tried to kill herself. With the light romantic comedy The Ex List, Reaser finally has the opportunity to win over viewers as America’s next sweetheart, and the show is so airy and charming that it will be impossible for audiences not to fall in love with her.

#3 Joanna Garcia in ‘Privileged’

Few actresses are able to completely change their appearance and the type of character they play and remain sexy, yet Joanna Garcia is doing just that. Best known as the teenage mother and wife on the underrated sitcom Reba, Garcia’s not-so-smart blonde has been transformed into a brunette Yale graduate in Privileged, the new CW series. Though she was cute as a simple Texas girl, the smart and worldly Megan Smith on Privileged is a more mature and even sexier character. Blondes might have more fun, but we’re more than happy with the hair change which gives Garcia the opportunity to move from adorable to hot.

Joanna Garcia

#2 Sarah Wayne Callies in ‘Prison Break’

Nearly every woman in the world would gladly trade places with Sarah Wayne Callies. It’s not because she’s back on a hit show like Prison Break or that she’s beautiful, which she is. The plain fact is that she gets to play the on-screen love interest of Wentworth Miller.

Returning with her pretty little head planted on her shoulders (and not in a box, as fans were led to believe), bringing back Dr. Sara Tancredi is certainly a way to bring sexy back. While the action and the mysterious Company may delight viewers, Prison Break‘s die-hard fans are more interested in the Michael-Sara romance, and with these two back together, it will be hard to look away from this wonderful romance.

Sarah Wayne Callies

#1 Autumn Reeser in ‘Valentine’

If a sense of humor is sexy, then Autumn Reeser is one of the hottest women on TV. Who am I kidding, that would be true regardless. As Taylor Townsend on The O.C., Reeser won over audiences with her quirky, uptight performance. Fans recently saw a different and far more seductive side of Reeser as the scheming Madison in the MTV movie musical The American Mall. Not only did she sing, but she did it seductively, revealing a whole new, even sexier side to her talent.

Now she’s back to starring in a primetime TV series on the CW’s Valentine as Phoebe, the psychic goddess who helps her family bring together soul mates. The only flaw we can see in the premise is that if Reeser is around, who could possibly fall in love with anyone else?

Autumn Reeser

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