Sadly, we’re still months away from Sleepy Hollow Season 2. But thanks to a recent event in Hollywood, we’ve got a few details about the show to hold us over until fall. 

Stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie joined the show’s co-creator Roberto Orci and executive producers Len Wiseman and Mark Goffman, as well as producer Heather Kadin at a special event held (appropriately enough) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

The event included a screening of Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 1 finale, followed by a Q&A with the cast and creators and a special sneak peek look at the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premiere. 

Season 2 Premiere Clip: Be Prepared for Surprises

The clip from the premiere was incredibly short, but one thing we can say is that the first five minutes are going to be as exciting and shocking as anything in Season 1. We can also say that there will be a familiar face in the premiere, though their appearance may not come in the way that you expect. 

Season 2: More Time to Prepare

Orci said that they’ve had more time to prepare for the second season, something that viewers should be able to notice.  “We got a lot more time this time [to prepare]”, Orci said. “We got to learn from the first season and therefore I hope you see in this season that we’re not just making it up as we go along, we really are putting train tracks down. We kind of see the light of the end of the tunnel.”

Wiseman added, “We’ve already shot pretty much the first two episodes of Season 2, [which is] very rare in network television.”

The creators also said that they were actually mapping out what they wanted to do in Season 2 while they were working on Season 1. Kadin mentioned that filming Season 2 has been “a lot easier” for the creators as they “can push the boundaries even more.”

Don’t Expect Abbie to Escape Purgatory Too Soon

When asked how long Abbie might be stuck in Purgatory, Wiseman would only say, “We have 18 episodes in Season 2, that’s a lot of time to get Abbie out.”

Ichabod and Benjamin Franklin

Wiseman spoke about bringing in more historical characters in Season 2, including a Founding Father. “You thought you knew who Benjamin Franklin was, but wait till you see him interact with Ichabod Crane,” Wiseman teased.

The Challenges and Joys of Filming Season 1

When asked to discuss some of the challenges of filming Season 1, Kadin said: “The episode we were most concerned about, and yet excited by, was [when] Headless is interrogated by Crane. [We thought,] How are we going to do that? Is it going to work? People just embracing the ridiculousness has been fun.”

Goffman added: “The hardest voice has been Moloch. You have to understand him, but he’s a creature and the more dialogue he has, the harder it is to make more dialogue scary. So that’s been a hard character to find the words for.”

When asked what she has enjoyed about playing Abbie, Beharie said: “My favorite part of playing Abby is the complexity and I get to have a lot of fun babysitting grandpa here (indicating Mison). I don’t know how we are able to squeeze in monsters, the apocalypse and the family story all in the different ways.”

Another thing that made Beharie happy about being on the show was playing one half of a great sister team: “I think we’re the only sister pair on television who fight together and fight each other at the same time. I think that that’s groundbreaking, to have girls working together [like that].”

When speaking about the challenges and joys of filming the first season, Mison recalled being pranked by the crew one day when he walked into his trailer “to go to the loo and there was a man with no head sitting on the toilet.”

Mison also talked about his mindset when acting the part of a man so completely out of his element. “You must always remember he’s terrified,” Mison said about Crane, adding that it was the “hardest job I’ve ever done” because of the balance of playing the both the levity and the seriousness of the series. 

Another challenge Mison had was with the dialogue. “It was surprising how sadistic our writers can be,” Mison said. “The amount of alliteration and tongue twisters.. They are determined to be the writer who breaks Tom Mison.”

When asked how he played a man who is so intelligent, Mison said: “It was my one mantra: That everyone else in the room is stupid.”

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premieres Monday, September 22 on FOX.

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Michelle Carlbert

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