Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Mountain and the Viper,” was rough. 


Dany banished Jorah, Arya found out another relative has died, and…Oberyn Martell faced his untimely death at the brutish hands of Gregor Clegane. If there is one lesson you should come away with after watching GoT, it’s to not get attached to any character. 

A girl can dream, though. I haven’t read the books, so this list is not “in the know” in the slightest. These are the characters I don’t want executed because I love them and what they do for the HBO show. Also, COME ON George RR Martin. Give us more than one happy episode per season!

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1. Daenerys Targaryen


Dany seems to have a pretty hardy and loyal army, so the likelihood of her death is minuscule, but YOU NEVER KNOW. The Khaleesi is personally my favorite character, and even though her plot has been incredibly dry this season, I have high hopes for her and her tween dragons (where are those guys anyway?). Daenerys’ dragons give her the upper-hand it takes to defeat Tywin Lannister. Also, she’s just an awesome leader. I’m not sure who I would really root for if Dany is killed off.

2. Margaery Tyrell


Marg is the most cunning woman of all, and she learned all her tricks from Grandma (Olenna) Tyrell. I don’t want to see either ladies go, because I adore the roles they play and how they have the Lannisters by a secret leash.  Plus, Margaery’s wardrobe is spectacular, and her hair would have obviously been a muse for Marie Antoinette had Margaery been a real person living in a real era.

3. Podrick Payne


Poor, loyal and adorable Podrick. He’s not dead yet, which is a good sign –but what happens when he and Brienne return to King’s Landing empty-handed (which is what i’m assuming will happen)? Will Sansa give her new bad self a go and have him killed? Will Podrick try to cook another un-skinned rabbit again and get salmonella? We’ll just have to find out.

4. Grey Worm


I am so shipping Grey Worm and Missandei right now, even if they’ll never be able to get it on. Poor Grey Worm, that’s really horrible for you. I’m a little bit afraid to become too attached, since most relationships in Game of Thrones end super badly (see: Tyrion and Shae, Robb and Talisa, Oberyn and Ellaria, etc). 

5. Sansa Stark


Sansa is really growing into herself, and this may be with the help of creepy Littlefinger, but I’m just happy she’s out of King’s Landing, okay? Honestly, Sansa has been the smartest Stark thus far; she’s learned from Cersei and Margaery, so she’s starting to understand how to manipulate people into doing what she wants. She also gets that there really is a game, and in order to win, one probably shouldn’t stick to the rules. Her alignment with Lord Baelish is the smartest, and most viable move she could have made. But will it be the most dangerous?

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6. Shireen Baratheon


I’m so scared Melisandre will use Shireen as a sacrifice! Melisandre already claims that they need Stannis’ young daughter. For what, though? Shireen is definitely skeptical about Melisandre’s moral purging and killings, so will she be next?

7. Tommen Baratheon 


I know, I know. Tommen is Joffrey’s brother and definitely not the king I want for Westeros. But he’s so adorable! He even has a kitten named Ser Pounce! How could we not love him? Unfortunately, Game of Thrones is really a Game of Elimination. As we all know, Tommen is not the rightful king, and a lot of people in Westeros feel that way. Therefore, Tommen’s life is probably in danger, and Margaery should really focus on her young husband’s life rather than his adoration. 

8. Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion is seriously the funniest, most pivotal character, and he’s had a tough time this season, what with being wrongfully accused of murder and all. He’s even had to poop in a bucket for gods know how long. If Tyrion dies, I will be SO UPSET. That means Cersei gets what she wants, and the Tyrells and Littlefinger are totally off the hook! I guess as Tyrion once said: “If you want justice, you’ve come to wrong place.” 

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