From her flawlessly coiffed tresses to her sparkly black eyes, cheery smile and her silky warm skin tone to her elegance and professionalism, Tamara Taylor has graced our screens as the formidable Dr. Camille Saroyan since Bones‘ season 2 premiere, “The Titan on the Tracks.” The former New York beat cop and current forensic pathologist is poised, professional and astute as she effortlessly encounters the most gruesome sets of remains.

In the world of make believe, wardrobe quickly and subtly communicates the nuances of a character’s personality and maturity. As a character develops–from ingenue to sophisticate or from pauper to queen–her wardrobe changes to reflect a refinement of taste, for example.

From zippers to stripes to color blocking to plaids, from linen to silk to knits or leather and lace, from pastels to primaries in solids and mosaics, this chic Chocolate Angel, as she was affectionately nicknamed by legendary graffiti artist Seth ‘Zed’ Zalinsky in “The But in the Joke” rocks it all. Come with us as we review 37 of our all time favorites, from oldest to newest.

#37 “The Plain in the Prodigy”

"The Plain in the Prodigy"

#36 “The Devil in the Details”

"The Devil in the Details"

#35 “The Critic in the Cabernet”



#34 “The Critic in the Cabernet”



#33 “The Memories in a Shallow Grave”



#32 “The Hot Dog in the Competition”



#31 “The Twist in the Twister”



#30 “The Prisoner in the Pipe”



#29 “The Future in the Past”



#28 “The Future in the Past”



#27 “The Future in the Past”



#26 “The But in the Joke”



#25 “The Doll in the Derby”



#24 “The Shot in the Dark”



#23 “The Shot in the Dark”



#22 “The Friend in Need”



#21 “The Fact in the Fiction”



#20 “The Blood from the Stones”



#19 “The Maiden in the Mushrooms”



#18 “The Cheat in the Retreat”



#17 “The Woman in White”



#16 “The Woman in White”



#15 “The Dude in the Dam”



#14 “The Fury in the Jury”



#13 “The Spark in the Park”



#12 “The Ghost in the Killer”



#11 “Big in the Philippines”



#10 “Big in the Philippines”



#9 “The Heiress in the Hill”



#8 “The Source in the Sludge”



#7 “The Carrot in the Kudzu”



#6 “The Carrot in the Kudzu”



#5 “The Turn in the Urn”



#4 “The Cold in the Case”



#3 “The Cold in the Case”



#2 “The Drama in the Queen”



#1 “The Recluse in the Recliner”



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