When we last left the dashing Revolutionary War double agent Ichabod Crane, he had been resurrected after 250 years, thrown in jail for what boiled down to jaywalking and learned he and Lt. Abbie Mills are all that stand between humanity and the apocalypse.

There was a whole lot more that happened in between: his wife who may or may not be technically dead is most definitely a witch, he and Abbie had to procure the head of the headless horseman, Abbie discovered that her recently deceased former partner had been investigating strange occurrences and supernatural events taking place not only in Sleepy Hollow but all over New England, and the new police captain didn’t seem to find the fact that the neck wounds of two decapitated murder victims being completely cauterized (kind of an important detail) were a relevant clue.

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Vague Visions

Katrina visits Ichabod in another dream. She warns him that before the Four Horseman ride, “an army of evil will make way for their arrival.” Katrina gives him a clue about when the first one will rise, and although Ichabod is temporarily stumped, it seems likely to be a witch since Katrina says, “She’s one of us.”

Vanishing Acts

Abbie finds what little evidence she has to support the town’s recent bout of inexplicable events evaporating quickly. The two police officers who engaged in a shootout with the horseman have recanted their statements. Video footage shows Officer Dunn running head first into a mirror in his jail cell, therefore illustrating how his head was nearly snapped completely off his shoulders. Never mind that I would guarantee mirrors are not part of the decor in jail cells due to the dangerous, sharp glass and all. But there’s no sign of the blurry, very grumpy bad guy who actually laid waste to Andy. 

Abbie’s only other witness to Andy’s death is Ichabod, and the captain says it has been determined that he is suffering from “objective transference,” which is a fancy way to say that even though he believes his outlandish time traveling story, that doesn’t make it true. Even though Irving is dubious about both Abbie and Ichabod, he leaves her to her own devices when he goes to Albany for work.

Late Checkout

Abbie finally arrives at Ichabod’s hotel room where he has been learning how to utilize modern technology like the lamp, the shower, a coffee pot, etc. It’s supposed to be comical, but it’s unimaginative. It undermines Crane’s intellect to have him doing slapstick physical comedy like some buffoon.

Ichabod tells her about Katrina’s warning, and she’s back to her original skepticism. She won’t be doubtful for long, since Andy’s killer decides to let bygones be bygones and brings him back to life in the morgue. The former policeman then regurgitates a medallion that is the key to releasing this impending dark force.

While Abbie attends Corbin’s funeral, Ichabod visit Katrina’s faux grave and realizes she was warning him about the arrival of a witch. 

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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Undead Andy wanders undetected around Sleepy Hollow until nightfall when he uses the medallion to raise one deep fried witch. He tells her “he” sent him to help her find the people she’s looking for. Andy also passes along the message that if she wants to be pretty again, she’ll need to take the flesh of the pious. He also gets the ball rolling and helps her claim her first victim.

RIP Corbin

While they should be out hunting witches, Ichabod is busy trying to encourage Abbie to get in touch with her feelings regarding Corbin’s death. She tells him that after she and her sister, Jenny, saw the strange white trees and unidentifiable presence in the woods, the town labeled them both loco. She engaged in some delinquent behavior. Instead of cracking down on her, he gave her a second chance. It turns out he was the only real father figure she ever had. This sentimental moment is disrupted when Abbie gets a call about some unusual activity.

Witchy Woman

Ichabod and Abbie arrive at the scene of the witch’s first victim, a burned-out car with the man’s charred remains inside. He is able to deduce from some markings on the body who the murderer is. He recalls how one night, during the war, he and some other soldiers arrived at a camp only to see both it and its inhabitants had been decimated to ash. He says the damage was too extensive to be artillery. He goes on to say he sensed a presence in the woods around him that chilled his blood.

Ichabod tells Abbie these murders became more frequent and tales spread of a “dark coven” led by a high priestess. General Washington told Crane he believed the redcoats had formed an alliance with her.

Abbie reveals how Corbin believed there were two covens existing in Sleepy Hollow; one good and one evil. They believe the answers they seek are in Corbin’s files. Abbie learns the files have been moved to another building that also happens to be the old armory. Ichabod knows of a secret way in, a series of tunnels that still run underneath the city that they built during the war as a means for transporting supplies.

As Abbie and Ichabod wander around in the tunnels, he gives her yet another history lesson. He points out that at the end of one of the tunnels lies the bones of convicted witches because they were not given proper burials. 

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Payback is a Witch

The twosome reach the archives and start searching through Corbin’s files. A “benevolent” coven known as the “Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart” used white magic, making the evil priestess vulnerable to human attack. She was captured by a hunting party and burned, but not before she threatened to return using the ashes of their ancestry. It turns out the magistrate who sentenced her had the same last name as her first victim.

Ichabod and Abbie think they know the next victim and arrive at the right house, but fail to prevent the priestess from obtaining what she needs, the cremated remains of the last member of the family’s bloodline. They return to the tunnel where the witch will go to retrieve her bones and finish the ritual to make her whole.

They arrive late to the big show, because the witch is five by five and impervious to bullets. She informs Ichabod it was his wife who bound her powers, and now Katrina is held captive in “the world between worlds.”

Since a dark, dank tunnel is the last place you want to be trapped with a vengeful witch, it’s lucky for Ichabod and Abbie that there is still revolutionary gun powder in ample enough supply to blow the b**** to bits.

Abbie has a haunting heart to heart with Corbin, Ichabod believes he may be able to free Katrina and Abbie’s sister seems destined to join the battle. The only question is which side will she be fighting for? Oh, and will Officer Andy make another comeback?

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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