The next episode of Sleepy Hollow, “Mama,” is a big one for the Mills family, as Abbie and Jenny have to look back at parts of their past they’d rather not revisit.

BuddyTV was on the call when Nicole Beharie spoke with reporters about what to expect on Monday, the sisters’ relationship after it, the witnesses’ plan going forward and more.

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Delving into the Mills Family History

Beharie called “Mama” a big episode for the sisters and for Abbie as a witness. “They basically have to go back into their past and [deal with things] they don’t necessarily want to revisit,” she previewed, and that’s especially tough for Abbie because she’d rather not talk about her past. In fact, Abbie rather enjoys being a witness, even though it’s hard, because “there’s a power” to it that Abbie finds “liberating.” Having to revisit and explore her troubling childhood was “a really difficult journey,” both for the actress and the character.

“They end up finding out that there’s a reason why they were basically dragged through the mud as children in order to get them to this point, where Abbie’s a witness and Jenny’s this amazing, kickass, know-it-all, know all things occult, PhD level specialist,” Beharie shared. One of the big payoffs involves a revelation about their mother. There’s a lot of darkness in the Mills’ family history, and it’s going to be “a tough one to watch.”

After Monday’s episode, “we’re definitely…going to see a lot more of the sisters really being close and working together,” Beharie said. “That’s one of the huge things that happens in this episode. You’ll see them butting heads, but not in the same way as last season.”

“Mama” will also feature the “beginnings” of the conversation about how Abbie was chosen to be a witness. “You find out that there’s a legacy that this family has,” the actress teased.

Will There Be More Irving?

If you’ve been missing seeing Frank Irving, don’t fret because he is in episode 209, and he’ll be around a bit more moving forward. “When Henry Parrish got him to sign that contract, the witnesses had to step back a little bit and figure out where he stood,” Beharie explained.

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Hawley’s Warming up to the Witnesses

“The nature of Hawley’s character is he’s an arms dealer…but I think that slowly the witness pair, Crane and Abbie, are both working on pulling on his heartstrings,” she said. He’s realized that there are bigger things at stake (thanks to his experience with the succubus in “Heartless”). As for Abbie and Hawley’s relationship, Beharie called it “very strange.” “She knows what he wants, and he knows what she wants, and they just kind of barter and bargain so they both get at least a semblance of what they’re looking for.”

Whether you’re hoping to see a romance for Abbie with Hawley, Ichabod or someone else, for now, that’s the furthest thing from her mind. “She is the one that’s being really focused this year, and maybe she just has to wait for the right guy,” she explained.

The Witnesses are Becoming “Proactive” When It Comes to the Apocalypse

“We definitely go back to biblical storytelling, especially when it comes back to the Headless Horseman and the Apocalypse,” the actress teased. Expect to see that coming up in the finale.

Abbie and Crane are going to become more “proactive” for the rest of the season. “They’re trying to get ahead of Henry and Moloch. You see them planning and…doing all the little things that you would do to win a war,” like having Katrina in the house. They’re back on track.

While there wasn’t much time spent on purgatory and her experience there in the beginning of the season, Beharie pointed out that that happens in battle situations. They just have to keep going. “I don’t necessarily think we’re going to be exploring what happened in purgatory, but there’s a hell of a lot of fighting coming up that I think is as dynamic and you’ll get to see the witnesses come together and sort of discuss a little bit about their battle wounds, but not from purgatory.”

Abbie and Katrina’s Issues

Beharie refused to answer who would win in a smackdown and would rather just see the two women do what they each do best and unite. I think that they probably have to work out the kinks in their relationship as a group,” she admitted.

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Sleepy Hollow season 2 airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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