This year the Emmy Awards will air on FOX, so it makes sense that the network is looking at one of its top stars to host the ceremony. According to multiple sources, FOX’s leading candidate to host the Emmys is Glee star Jane Lynch, who won an Emmy last year for her role as Sue Sylvester.

Lynch is obviously a solid and safe choice. She stars on one of the network’s biggest shows, she’s insanely funny and she’s certainly earned the respect of her peers. But is she the right choice?

While I’d be happy to see Lynch take on the job, FOX has several other stars who would make equally strong hosting choices. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Board of Governors will meet Wednesday night to possibly make a final decision, but for now, let’s look at some possible alternative candidates.

Seth MacFarlane

The Family Guy creator is wonderfully charismatic and he has some experience hosting Comedy Central roasts. He’s also a sucker for a good musical number and he’s FOX’s golden boy, with three shows currently on the air as well as the upcoming Flintstones remake which he was put in charge of. The only problem might be that MacFarlane tends to be a little more edgy with his comedy and the Emmys might not want a repeat of Ricky Gervais’ performance from the Golden Globes.

Hugh Laurie

He might play a curmudgeon, but Laurie is hysterically funny while adding a touch of class with his British accent. A dramatic actor might not seem like the obvious choice, but Laurie can definitely pull it off, and it would be a good way for the Emmys to acknowledge him since he’s never won an award for House.

Ryan Seacrest and Cat Deeley

Either one of them could do a great job, but I’d love to see the hosts of two of FOX’s top reality shows come together. The interplay could provide some clever banter, plus we could see the 5’9” Deeley (without heels) next to the 5’8” Seacrest.

Steve Jones

Who? Oh, that’s right, he’s the British guy who’s going to co-host The X Factor with Nicole Scherzinger. This would be a risky move for FOX, but the network is relying heavily on The X Factor being a huge hit in the fall, and this could be the way to do it. If Jones got to host the Emmys and did a great job, it would add even more buzz and excitement to The X Factor. On the other hand, if he bombed, it could kill the show before it even premieres, earning him the nickname “British Brian Dunkelman.”

If I were on the Emmy board, I’d definitely pick MacFarlane because I think he would add just the right amount of spice to the show, but I like risks. Jane Lynch is the safe choice and probably the right choice. With these potential candidates, it’s hard for FOX to go wrong.

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