Dancing with the Stars brought back six former contestants for the Trio dances of season 25, and the results were quite impressive. The decision to bring back past competitors raises the question: should DWTS do another All-Stars season?

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The show first brought back past contestants for season 15, and if they wanted to keep that pattern of doing an All-Stars season, the next one would be season 30 in the Spring of 2020. But why wait that long?

Dancing with the Stars has had a lot of talented contestants over the years and they seem to have built a strong community. Past stars are often in the audience and a lot of them seem more than willing to return to the ballroom. Another All-Stars season seems like a reasonable thing to do.

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There have now been 10 seasons since they did All-Stars and the timing may be perfect for Dancing with the Stars to bring it back this Spring. ABC is already planning a big event with the reboot of American Idol premiering in March of 2018, around the same time that DWTS usually comes back. If ABC wants to double down on promotion for its big reality competitions, pairing Idol with an All-Stars season of DWTS would be a great way to get some added buzz.

For an added bit of crossover appeal, Idol alum and DWTS season 16 winner Kellie Pickler could even be one of the contestants. And there are plenty of other stars that it would be nice to see again, whether they were technical masters of just fun personalities. Could James Hinchcliffe or Jodie Sweetin come back and win? Would Leah Remini still be crazy and fun? And now that they’re married, seeing Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson as partners again would be a delight.

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Dancing with the Stars is aging and another All-Stars season could help rejuvenate the franchise and maybe even inspire the pros to push themselves even harder. Given how many past contestants regularly return to be a part of the audience, something tells me they’d have no problem getting 13 past contenders to come back for another shot at the Mirror Ball.

Do you think DWTS should do another All-Stars season?

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