The summer premiere of Shadowhunters season 2, titled “Mea Maxima Culpa,” picks up just days after the events of the winter finale, with Jace reveling in the information that not only does he have pure angel blood pumping through his veins but also that Clary is not his sister.

Elsewhere, Izzy is still recovering from her addiction to Yin-Fen, and Simon gets used to being a Daywalker. But it is the introduction of a greater demon that proves to be the biggest obstacle that the Shadowhunters face.

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The Aftermath of the Soul-Sword

Jace is still reeling from the fact that not only does he have pure angel blood coursing through his veins but also the fact that he is not Valentine’s son, effectively opening up the Jace and Clary romance from the books. However, Jace only confides this newfound information of his genealogy to Alec. This leaves Clary to be oblivious and happy with Simon, both of whom are experiencing uneasy footing as they navigate their transition from best friend to couple, with Simon also getting used to being able to walk in the sun again due to Jace’s blood from the winter finale.

Izzy is going through an intense withdrawal from the Yin-Fen, keeping her addiction to the magical silver powder a secret from everyone but Alec. In her insanity-inducing comedown, she goes after Raphael in hopes of getting a vampire bite to subside the craving, only to be turned away from her former lover. Valentine is the prisoner of The Clave — hiding the mortal cup before being caught — a slight hiccup in his plan to raise a mythical angel. Jace and Clary watch as Valentine is punished for attacking the institute.

A new big bad comes in — seemingly a warlock or a vicious demon, also on the hunt for the mortal cup — obliterating a bar full of patrons with nothing more than a flick of his wrist. This brings Luke and the Shadowhunters to the scene of the crime to investigate. The demon in question stumbles upon a faulty Isabelle in a shifty alleyway trying to get a fix. In her state, she is no match for him. But by her lucky stars, a mysterious Shadowhunter — Sebastian — comes to save her. Alec runs to Magnus for help with the greater demon, who, of course, is not only a greater demon but also one of the princes of hell to boot.

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Izzy Makes an Important New Friend

In search of Isabelle, Jacy and Clary turn to Valentine for answers, trying to figure out who raised the greater demon. Valentine, who doesn’t seem to be the one who garnered him here, implores them to use him as bait in exchange for wants: the mortal cup for Isabelle’s life. During their heated discourse, Clary learns that Jace has kept the truth from her and that they are not brother and sister. Clary storms away, and in the aftermath, Alec finds Jace on top of a roof, knee-deep in his feelings.   

Of course, the group doesn’t know that Isabelle isn’t being held hostage and is instead being taken care of by Sebastian, who has an herbal root to help quell her addiction until she can finally overcome it. Isabelle takes a quick liking to Sebastian, confiding in him about all her family woes and trusting a stranger with her inner thoughts.

Alec summons the prince of hell, Azazel, in order to barter the trade — Isabelle for the mortal cup. However, they don’t know that he doesn’t have Isabelle. So while they try to save the day, all they accomplish is setting the greater demon free. But before he leaves, Azazel bestows a gift upon Valentine and grabs his head, seemingly casting some form of spell, the effects yet to be seen. After the demon is set free and Jace uses some of his angel blood to attempt to attack Azazel, Izzy calls Alec to let him know that she is safe and sound with a new friend — or so she thinks. After Izzy hangs up, she goes to get tea from Sebastian, but he is in his own world, burning his palms on the stove. 

In the closing moments, Magnus is walking down the street, staring at his hands, muttering derogatory comments about himself. But it is the promo for the next episode that gives the final clue: Azazel has switched Magnus’ and Valentine’s bodies, trapping the warlock in the body of the most wanted criminal in all of Idris.  

What did you think of the summer premiere? Are you excited or worried now that Jace and Clary are no longer siblings? Do you think Izzy should be so quick to trust Sebastian? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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