When we last left Nick, Madison and friends on Fear the Walking Dead, Nick and Luciana were heading into the United States and got ambushed. Madison and Travis found the village Nick was staying in, but it was too late. Meanwhile, Strand was left at the hotel resort with Elena and her family.

In the first part of the season 3 premiere, titled “Eye of the Beholder,” Madison, Travis and Alicia get kidnapped by the group that attacked Nick and Luciana. Madison and Alicia try to charm their way out, while Travis and Nick fight for their lives to get safe. And in the second part, titled “The New Frontier,” the group arrives at a new home, and they have to decide who they can trust.

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Madison, Alicia and Travis are taken by what seems like army officers at the border. Travis is led through a military base and brought to a basement, where soldiers are conducting experiments to see how long it takes for people to turn once they die. He’s placed into a room with others, including Nick and Luciana. They all watch and listen as people are taken one by one into the “lab” for the experiments. Another prisoner, Steve, tells Travis that he can lead them out of the base if they can escape, but he needs Travis’ help to actually get out.

Meanwhile, Madison and Alicia are getting the opposite treatment. The person in charge, Troy, says they need to be processed, and then they can be on their way. Madison repeatedly asks to see Travis and find out if he’s alive. She and Alicia try to figure out a way out of the compound. Later, Troy tells them that the pair should leave with his group to head back to their home where it’s safe. Madison, obviously, doesn’t want to go, and she keeps demanding to see Travis.

Breaking Out

Nick, Luciana, Travis and Steve are taken into the lab, where they watch as others are killed. Travis starts asking questions to distract the men, and it’s just enough to eventually get all four of them out. Nick and Luciana make it down into the tunnels, but Steve is killed before heading down. The men of the compound toss him into the tunnels to hopefully, eventually, get Nick and Luciana. Travis, though, allows himself to be captured again.

When the soldiers present Travis to Troy, he says he’s special and they should send him out back instead of back into the lab. They then take him into a pit, where he has to fight and kill a bunch of walkers all by himself.

Madison, still in an office with Alicia, attacks Troy by shoving a spoon in his eye. Alicia runs to find a working vehicle, while Madison slowly leads Troy outside, with the spoon still in his eye. Eventually, Troy’s brother, Jake, comes to the rescue; he tells Madison that if she lets Troy go, she can have her family back, which is good because at this point Nick and Luciana are stuck in the tunnel with a bunch of walkers.

Reunited and Separated

The Clark family is reunited again, and Madison can’t be happier. She and Travis let Jake know that they will be leaving on their own. Jake says his father’s ranch can offer sanctuary, and they should consider joining them there. Madison politely declines, as she simply can’t trust the group.

That decision is short-lived, though, as the base is quickly overrun with walkers. Travis, Alicia and a very sick Luciana head into the helicopter with Jake, while Madison and Nick get into a truck with Troy, who tells them that they are all going to the same place.

A Huge Loss

As the helicopter starts to level out, shots are fired right at the chopper, causing it to start to crash. A few of the bullets hit Travis, who goes into shock. He looks at Alicia one last time before opening the helicopter door and throwing himself out, as he’s just too injured to be saved. Alicia is devastated.

After the chopper lands, Jake urges Alicia to keep moving with the pilot and Luciana, as he fears that whoever shot at them might be close by. They eventually find a place to spend the night. But on watch, the pilot, the god-daughter of Jake’s father, is killed by walkers, and Jake needs to finish the job so she doesn’t turn.

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Back at the Ranch

Troy, Madison and Nick manage to make it to the ranch. Troy makes Madison and Nick stay outside while he fills his father, Jeremiah, in on what went on during his mission. Madison wants to stay at the ranch, but Nick doesn’t get a good vibe from the place. Madison shows him that she snagged a gun from the group and promises that everything will work out, even if they have to take the ranch over.

Jeremiah eventually comes out, and after asking Madison ridiculous questions, he leaves her and Nick in. He shows them around a little bit and then brings them to a cottage where they can stay. Nick really doesn’t trust the group, but Madison keeps telling him that everything will be fine

Finally, Jake, Alicia and Luciana make it back to the ranch. Luciana is unconscious, and Troy is inclined to just kill her, as it’s not safe to leave her in the infirmary because she could be a risk to turn. Alicia tells Madison that Travis is gone. But she’s quickly distracted when Nick pulls a gun on Troy. Jeremiah finally agrees to let Luciana into the infirmary.

Dealing with Loss

As Alicia and Luciana get checked out, Madison runs off to cry over Travis. Jeremiah finds her and, after worrying that she may kill herself, asks her to sign out the gun she took off the fuel truck.

After having several good cries, she hangs out in her cabin when Alicia and Nick show up to comfort her. But instead of wanting to talk about Travis, she informs them that her plan is to stay at the ranch, even if it means they take it over somehow.

I’m Not a Doctor

Back at the Mexican resort where Madison was staying for a bit, a huge group has gathered outside the gate, begging for a place to stay and access to a doctor. Elena keeps trying to hold them back, to no avail. Eventually, Strand walks out, says he’s a doctor and orders Elena to let everyone in.

Strand does have to tend to some cuts and bruises. But he starts to draw the line at delivering a baby. Elena says he got lucky and that she’d like him to leave, as she fears people staying there will rise up against her. Strand reluctantly agrees to leave, but Hector gives him one more task: get the bride’s mother to eat in her room. Strand heads in, and the pair apologizes for previous events. Strand then opens the patio door, and the woman kills herself. Strand eventually leaves after taking the nicest car in the lot that still works.


I’m still in shock over Travis’ death. While I’m not a huge Travis fan, it was definitely a shocking moment to see a main character get killed off.

I’m very eager to find out what’s going on with this new group. I like that Fear the Walking Dead is taking the approach of a family who encounters so many different places and to either take over or live there. On The Walking Dead, Rick and company have their roots planted and they are well on their way to a sense of normalcy. I know it will take a very long time for Fear the Walking Dead to get to that point, but the ride there will be very enjoyable.

What do you think is going on with this new ranch group? How do you think Madison will eventually cope with Travis’ death? Were you just as shocked when Travis died? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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