Not following the books completely is good for at least one character — Alec — on Shadowhunters, as Matthew Daddario pointed out when he and Katherine McNamara discussed the show and what’s coming up in season 3.

While the actors couldn’t promise seeing many new dynamics or interactions between characters who haven’t met before, they did tease that everyone will be less scattered this season. Read on to find out what else to expect.

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Daddario likes the variation from the books because it allows them to do some things. He especially likes that there’s new content for Alec, because otherwise, he might be out of the picture.

McNamara said that they’ve always had a nice balance between the show and the books, in that they follow the books to pay respect to the source material. However, changing some things allows them to provide new experiences and surprises for all fans.

In season 3, you’ll see Clary behaving more as an adult and taking responsibility for her actions. The actress likes seeing her character continue to grow.

While they will interact a bit with characters they haven’t so much before, they are relegated to their sections in the beginning of the season. Alec spends a lot of time with Magnus and Clary with Jace. We’ll see what these relationships do to people and how they affect people’s ability to interact with others.

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According to McNamara, at least with Clary and Jace (and she’s sure with Magnus and Alec), you see the characters relax instead of being in crisis mode and you see the fun they can have together and the positivity they bring to each other’s lives.

Daddario felt like Alec was a certain man in season 1, but something in him has changed. When he was so stuck on being the best person he could be, he was hurting himself and not others. Now, he’s more likely to hurt others and not himself, and he wonders if that makes him a bad person or human. His values are changing.

McNamara called Clary a dichotomy in and of herself: a mundane and a Shadowhunter, an artist and a fighter, and good and evil. As much as she tries to push the Morgenstern side of herself away, it comes out every time she fights. “It’s constantly playing with that fight inside of her as she’s fighting outside as well,” she said.

Watch the interview with Katherine McNamara and Matthew Daddario for more:

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