Jack BauerThe seventh season of 24 has been snake bit.  Maybe it’s a season that us viewers just aren’t meant to see.  First, FOX denied the 24 producers the funding to go shoot a significant portion of the season in Africa and production was delayed.  Production was delayed again when writers and producers simply weren’t ready to shoot.  Then, Kiefer Sutherland got a DUI, almost derailing the whole thing.  Then, production got delayed again thanks to the California wild fires.  And now, the writers’ strike is here and production will soon come to a complete halt. 

According to 24’s first female President Cherry Jones, it looks like the show will be able to get eight episodes filmed before everything is shut down.  This is more than I thought would be ready, but it really doesn’t matter.  Word is that unless FOX knows all 24 episodes will be ready to run continuously, they won’t air any of them.  So, unless the strike is resolved very soon, fans can probably kiss that early January premiere date goodbye. 

Although it might be tempting for FOX to burn off those first eight episodes during the strike, it’s a better decision to hang on and wait for the entire season to be ready.  You’re only going to give 24 fans a gigantic set of blue balls if you air the first eight episodes without having any idea when the following sixteen will follow.  The harsh reality of this writers’ strike is really starting to hit home.  Come January, if the two sides have not come to a resolution, we will witness television Armageddon.  Even if you love reality shows, the sheer volume that will be on network TV during the strike is going to be insane.  And it’s scary to think about, but if the writers’ strike lasts through next summer, the Fall 2008 TV schedule will be (literally) all reality.  Please don’t let it come to this, Hollywood.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer  
Source: TVGuide
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Oscar Dahl

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