Andy Comeau Speaks About ‘House’ Experience

  • Nov 6, 2007
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With the departure of Cameron, Chase and Foreman from Princeton Plainsboro, the new season of House features a competition of sorts between several doctors vying to become part of the hospital’s crabby but brilliant head diagnostician’s new team. One of the doctors eager for a spot is Travis Brennan, played by New Boston native Andy Comeau.

Andy Comeau Speaks About 'House' Experience

Given House‘s new storyline, Comeau knows that his time on the medical drama is quite limited.  Nevertheless, he is happy to be on the show, especially since it gives him the opportunity to work opposite critically-acclaimed British actor, Hugh Laurie.

“Sometimes you work with people you admire and, as people, they don’t measure up to the work they do,” Andy Comeau told the New Hampshire Union Leader, “but Hugh is the exception to the rule.  He’s very witty, very warm, very accessible — not at all like his character — and he’s not one of those guys who hides out in his trailer.  He’s a very cool guy.”

Admittedly though, Comeau said that he was not “avid fan” of House, and initially was not aware that the new season “was going to about all these new doctors duking it out for a job.”  Comeau’s Travis, known for not being easily rattled or intimidated and not being technologically-reliant, has managed to make it all the way to the final six.

Unlike his character, however, Andy Comeau knows little about medicine.

“But when it comes to working on a show with medical jargon that’s this sophisticated, I am not that good at it,” he said with a laugh.  “There are doctors who write for the show, and sometimes they’ll read the lines into tape recorders so we can fall back on that when we’re having problems on the set.”

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He also gets some help from his brother, Steve, who is a kidney doctor in Bangor, but admits that what viewers see every week is the product of multiple takes.

“Believe me, what you wind up seeing on Tuesday nights required take after take for me to get terms like histoplasmosis or amyloidosis strongyloides,” he said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader
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