Amnesia storylines are a hilariously absurd staple of any great soap opera, and since that’s what True Blood is, that’s what we get. This week we see the aftermath of Marnie wiping Eric’s memory, and it’s every bit as silly as you’d expect. On the bright side, he spends the first half of the episode shirtless and the second half walking around in one of Jason’s sleeveless hoodies.

Eric has no memory of who he is or what his situation is (he calls Sookie “Snooki,” which is the greatest insult imaginable), but he does know he’s a vampire. Sookie takes pity on the poor, lost, hot, shirtless vamp and brings him back to her place, which he no longer remembers is his.

She calls Pam for help, who suspects Bill set Eric up to get taken down by the witches so he’d have an excuse to order Eric’s execution. Pam wants Sookie to keep Eric safe and not tell anyone until she figures out how to get his memories back, which leads to Eric hanging out in his nice new cubby in Sookie’s house, wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless hoodie from Jason’s wardrobe. Poor, memory-less Eric is incredibly polite, like a lost little lamb, which is amusing but will get very old very quickly, so I hope this amnesia doesn’t last too long.

For help babysitting Eric, Sookie pays a visit to Alcide, who is as hunky as ever, but he’s also back with his psycho ex-girlfriend Debbie. She quickly leaves, and it feels kind of random and pointless.

Meanwhile, Lafayette goes to Fangtasia to ask forgiveness for his role with the coven. Instead, he meets Pam, who threatens to do some seriously twisted stuff unless he brings her Marnie to reverse the spell. There aren’t enough words in the English language to properly express how much I’m loving Pam this season.

In the final scene, Sookie’s fairy godmother Claudine returns to help her, but instead, Eric runs up and feeds on her delicious fairy blood, killing her. Death on True Blood is usually tragic, but in this case, it’s one of the silliest and funniest moments ever, ending with the following exchange:

Sookie: “You just killed my fairy godmother!”
Eric: “I’m sorry.”

See, I promised you wacky amnesia hijinks, and Eric “accidentally” eating and killing Claudine certainly qualifies. The rest of the episode wasn’t so wacky.

Marnie: I’m not sure Pam really wants to confront Marnie, because the coven leader is slicing herself open to call upon the spirits. It works, because we see a mysterious ghostly woman appear, the same one whose face was taking over Marnie during the spell from last week. Not much is known about this new character, but her name is Antonia and according to an interview actress Paola Turbay did, she’s a powerful witch from the 17th century.

Jessica: She has a sweet heart-to-heart with Bill about cheating on Hoyt, and King Bill provides some nice fatherly advice about having to tell him the truth. She does, but Hoyt gets angry so she immediately glamours him into forgetting.

Bill: He’s in full king mode, ordering the true death for a vampire caught on camera biting a woman in a James O’Keefe-style sting. King Bill also starts a sexual relationship with the politically connected Portia Bellefleur, who is definitely up to something.

Jason: He spends another whole episode tied to a bed as he slowly begins the transformation into a werepanther so the ladies of Hotshot can all ride him like a Tilt-a-Whirl to create a new litter of wereJasons. And if you’re wondering why Jason can go missing for 48 hours without anyone noticing, it’s because his sister has other problems and his co-worker Andy is so preoccupied with his V addiction that’s too busy threatening to shoot Sam.

Tommy: Hoyt’s mama is teaching him to read by watching the home shopping channel and Tommy starts a scam to buy Maxine’s house after he meets a man who wants to buy it for the gas rights. It’s the kind of petty crime stuff that seems boring compared to the fun witch drama. I make it a point never to waste time with TV show storylines about escrow.

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