Will Scott and his pack ever get a break on MTV’s supernatural drama Teen Wolf? Not if Cody Christian’s Theo has anything to say about it. The mysterious “new” resident to Beacon Hills has everyone suspicious, especially Stiles, and seemingly with good reason. Is Theo good or is he bad? What are his true motivations? And what does he have planned for Scott?

Unfortunately we weren’t able to pry the answers to all of these questions from actor Cody Christian when we sat down with him at San Diego Comic Con 2015. We were, however, able to find out what it’s like coming onto the established show as a newcomer, and why he likes playing the mysterious Theo so much.

Watch the video interview with Cody Christian below for more season five teases: 

Interview Highlights:

  • This is Christian’s first Comic Con and he couldn’t believe the energy at the convention, especially at the Teen Wolf panel.
  • What’s next for Theo? “I think the audience is going to start to learn about Theo. They’re going to learn about his background and learn about his intentions, why he’s really in Beacon Hills and what his real end game is.”
  • Is Theo bad? “Sometimes the nicest looking people can be the worst and you really have to keep your eye on him.” 
  • The character is really rooted in mystery and the deception factor of what he’s really after. The full story will be told, he promises.
  • Christian says coming onto the show has been great. Everyone on the show is truly incredible. The amount of passion Tyler Posey has for Teen Wolf really radiates down to everyone. 
  • Stiles is still not going to trust Theo. The suspicion will escalate to a further point and will result in a tiff between the two. 
  • “Theo is trying to do everything and anything he can to prove his worth. I think the extent to which he goes to prove his worth being in Scott’s pack is going to shock everybody.”
  • Christian likes playing Theo because he likes playing the misconception. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Theo is a badass.
  • Will he be going back to Pretty Little Liars? The only thing that’s holding him back is scheduling and as soon as they can iron that out he’ll be back. He loves being on the show. 

What do you think? Do you love to hate Theo? What do you think he wants? Sound off in the comments! 

Teen Wolf season five airs Monday nights at 10pm on MTV

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