The twists keep coming on Scream Queens as Chanel-O-Ween approaches. As Chanel celebrates her favorite time of the year, her reign as queen bee is threatened when Zayday announces she’s going to run for Kappa president. In the aptly titled “Haunted House,” both Zayday and Chanel throw competing fundraisers to help their campaigns. But which is more scary?

Meanwhile, Grace and Pete seem to get a little closer to solving the Red Devil/1995 baby mystery but are stumped when a new mystery falls into their laps. Could this off-campus house on Shady Lane with a rumored wailing lady in a black cape be connected?

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Ruined Chanel-O-Ween

Chanel’s favorite time of the year is Halloween. It’s a time when she sends random packages featuring severed limbs, pumpkins, etc. to what she calls her “pathetic” Instagram followers. However, her high is cut short when Zayday announces she’s going to run for president of Kappa. Zayday says she’s going to hold a haunted house fundraiser to kick off the campaign and raise money for sickle cell anemia research.

After threatening Zayday, Chanel decides to throw a party of her own at the suggestion of Chanel #5. As a way to get people to go, she tells everyone the Red Devil is sure to kill someone at Zayday’s party.

What’s Going Down at Shady Lane?

After a meeting with Mandy, a former Kappa from 1995, Pete and Grace learn that Munsch forced the girls to bury the girl in the bathtub’s body. Mandy also informs them that the baby was a girl, not a boy as Grace had suspected.

Grace flat-out asks her father if she is in fact the bathtub baby, but he denies it, saying her mother gave birth to her in the hospital. Grace isn’t that convinced, though.

The pair then checks out a house on Shady Lane, where they are greeted by not only Zayday and Earl, who are scouting a location for her fundraiser, but also Denise. Both Denise and Pete found out that there is a legend about the home that a woman dressed in black used to wail about a baby. No one ever saw her except for a few kids. When they entered the home, they found creepy dolls in a bedroom.

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A Match Made in Hell

Little miss Hester is on the prowl and is making plans to take over the Kappa house. Her first stop is to Chad at a cemetery, where she propositions him for sex at a scary location. As if a cemetery’s not scary enough. She explains her plans to rise at the Kappa house, and Chad is intrigued.

Later, both Chad and Hester get texts from each other to meet at the Shady Lane house, but neither had the other’s phone number. They don’t seem to care as they investigate the house, which is set up for the party already. As Hester finds the perfect room for them to get it on, they find all of the bodies of the Red Devil’s victims: Ms. Bean, Chanel #2, Chandel the security guard, Coney and Mandy.

Epic Party

Chad and Hester are traumatized by the house and try to warn people not to go to Zayday’s party. But, of course, everyone hears ‘dead body’ and wants to go. The party is bumping by the time Grace and Zayday arrive. They try to get everyone out, but no one leaves. Zayday calls the police, who basically tell her they aren’t coming. And just when she hangs up the phone, the Red Devil shows up.

Grace gets concerned when Zayday goes missing. But the detectives at the Kappa house don’t seem too concerned, and neither does Munsch — though it’s not surprising that Munsch doesn’t care. If she didn’t care about a dead girl in a bathtub in 1995, she’s not going to care about a missing pledge. Wes keeps pointing fingers at Munsch, but she’s not having it, trying to explain how the dead bodies aren’t connected and don’t affect the students.

Meanwhile, Grace starts pointing fingers at Chanel, as Chanel doesn’t seem to care that Zayday is missing and is only concerned about her own Halloween party.

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Who is the Hag of Shady Lane?

As Grace and Pete put their heads together to talk about all that they’ve learned so far, they find out that the wailing lady moved into the home shortly after the baby was born. She was seen briefly as she stole diapers and milk as well. They now believe this wailing hag of Shady Lane was taking care of the bathtub baby. And in the last scene, the camera pans to the room with the creepy dolls, with Gigi wailing in a black robe.

I knew Gigi was somehow connected to all this. It was odd how she just showed up to help Munsch. I figured something was up with the way Munsch and Gigi are often competing.

I guess Bean and Chanel #2 are actually dead, since there were some questions as to whether they were or not. It’s funny how no one questioned where Boone’s body was, but I guess since his death was considered a suicide, no one even thought that as the body count kept rising at the party.

I don’t think Zayday is dead. But perhaps she’ll now be in on the Red Devil killing spree? Denise already thinks it’s her.

I sure hope Boone comes back soon, specifically as one of the killers. Since he faked his death, it’s bound to happen soon.

Everyone is a suspect still at this point. So far, I actually like how the story is unraveling layer by layer at this point. The series premiere of Scream Queens was a lot to take in, but now it’s getting into the groove and shaping up pretty nicely.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX.

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