In this episode of Scream Queens, “Halloween Blues,” Chanel suffers a series of setbacks following Chad’s death, Hester and Special Agent Denise Hemphill strike a deal and Dean Munsch sets a trap for the killer.

Chanel Number One is mourning the death of her beloved fiance in typical Chanel fashion. She’s donned an old Jackie Kennedy suit and has taken to peeing in potted plants along with screaming and insisting that all attention should be focused on her, the bereaved fiance. But she’s not the only one upset by Chad’s untimely passing. Denise Hemphill is bummed by her on-again, off-again boy toy’s murder. She’s also curious about what his penis looks like now that rigor mortis has officially set in. She vows to dress up as his bride for Halloween and find the Green Meanie, and if she dies trying, she’ll meet him in the hereafter.

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Where There’s a “Will,” There’s a Way

Dean Munsch no longer believes the killer is trying to exact revenge against the hospital since Chad wasn’t a patient, and she’s worried about the news of his death going public. She also has to deal with Hester, who Agent Hemphill had transferred to C.U.R.E. Dean Munsch and Agent Hemphill question Hester as to why the pattern of the Green Meanie only killing patients has been broken. Hester either doesn’t know or isn’t telling, but she does remind the women that Halloween is coming, and massacres tend to happen in the hospital on that particular night.

Hester tells Dean Munsch that since she knows the killer is someone in her ranks, Munsch should throw a Halloween party. Use the staff for bait to draw the killer out and she can catch them herself.

When Chad’s family heard about his impending nuptials to Chanel, they all boarded a plane, planning to stop the wedding. But the plane crashed. Upon their death, all the family money went to Chad, so when he died his will became the legal document that determines where all the Radwell money goes. Chad Radwell, being of sound mind and a “bitchin'” body, left all of his “Benjamins” to Dean Munsch and the C.U.R.E. Institute. Chad’s lawyer reveals that his client called and made the request the day he died.

Chanel has a meltdown of epic proportions, launching herself across Dean Munsch’s desk and attacking Chad’s attorney.

Chanel Gets the Blues

Chanel has no choice but to go back to the job, friends and life that she hates. All of the stress has landed her in Dr. Brock’s care as she has developed some odd rashes. Dr. Brock chalks it up to something viral due to stress. Chanel cannot believe that another Chanel-O-Ween has been ruined and that a crazed killer is once again targeting herself and her friends. Dr. Brock is convinced that the only way to make Chanel feel better is to catch the Green Meanie and make sure they don’t kill again. He asks Chanel if she has any idea who the killer could be, and Chanel responds that in her experience, it’s usually more than one with a brilliant ringleader pulling the strings, someone Ivy League smart.

Chanel lets Dr. Brock know that she’s just vulnerable enough for a conversation intimating that he’s the killer to be a turn-on. Dr. Brock replies that girls usually go for a bad boy. Then he gives her a vial of colloidal silver to clear up her rash, promising her that she’ll be back to her old self.

The following morning, Chanel awakens and discovers that her skin has turned blue. Number One is now like a super bitchy, super-sized Smurfette. Number Five and Number Three try to get their leader to see the upside — no need for a Halloween costume — but they fail to console their queen. Personally, Number Three’s suggestion that Chanel go as a super bummed out mood ring is my fave.

Denise Hemphill Fights the Killer and Strikes a Deal with Hester

The night before the party, Denise Hemphill is decorating when the lights in the hospital go out. (Never mind that all hospitals have emergency generators.) She creeps around with a flashlight, with no particular destination in mind. In an examination room, Denise encounters the Green Meanie, who tries to behead her with a machete but misses, lodging it into the wall. Agent Denise Hemphill tells the killer that she beat the Red Devil, and that was before her FBI training. She’s certainly not scared of a giant booger, and she knows who’s beneath the mask.

The two scuffle, and the Green Meanie becomes far less menacing when he’s being pummeled by apples. Denise pulls her gun and empties the chamber, but the Green Meanie manages to escape.

After her run-in, Denise strikes a deal with Hester. She’ll be released for 24 hours so she can attend the Halloween party. But at the stroke of midnight, Hester has to reveal the killer’s identity. Hester will be outfitted with an ankle monitor and has to wear a Jason costume (Friday the 13th). She’s also not allowed to tell anyone about the arrangement. Lastly, she hands Hester an ax, the finishing touch for her costume.

Chad’s True Love and Doctors Playing Doctor

Chanel Number One confronts Denise Hemphill. She accuses the FBI agent of having Chad murdered because Denise couldn’t stand the idea that he was going to marry her. The fact that Denise is running around in Chanel’s wedding gown is just further proof of Hemphill’s obsession.

Denise reveals that Chad was never going to marry Chanel. Just a few weeks earlier, during their American Beauty role-playing session, Chad asked her to run away with him because he no longer loved “her.” Chanel points out that Chad only said that because it was the plot of the movie and throws one of her trademark tantrums, demanding that Denise admit she murdered Chad Radwell.

Denise thinks Dean Munsch is the killer. Munsch inherited Chad’s money, and she probably had help from Zayday, aka “Shay-Day,” Williams. Chanel decides there’s only one way to get to the bottom of not only which of them Chad loved more but also who killed him — by pulling out her Ouija board.

Chanel also learns from Dr. Brock that there is no cure for her condition and suspects that someone tampered with his solution. Chanel demands that Dean Munsch have Dr. Brock arrested for assaulting her with silver and probably being in cahoots with Denise in murdering Chad and a whole bunch of other people with his serial killer hand.

Dean Munsch swears that Dr. Brock has an airtight alibi for the time that Chad was killed — he was banging Dr. Dean Munsch in her office just prior to the wedding.

Chanel announces she’s done with it all and is leaving. Dean Munsch insists that Chanel can’t leave until after the Halloween party because they need a lot of bait to lure the killer in. She assures Chanel that once she develops personally, professionally and physically, she’ll have no trouble keeping a man. And what better place to do that growing than at C.U.R.E.? But Chanel tells Dean Munsch she’ll have to catch the killer without her help.

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The Face of the Right Wing and a Serial Killer

On her way out, Chanel encounters a woman wearing an Ivanka Trump costume. The woman chases Chanel through the halls, taking swipes at her with an IV stand. Chanel does suffer a blow to the leg before escaping. The woman removes the mask, and it’s Hester.

When Number Three and Zayday learn that Chanel was attacked by Ivanka Trump, all the attention shifts to Number Five. Zayday and Number Three had been helping her with that same costume earlier in the day. Number Five insists she was with them all day, so there’s no way she could be the killer, but Number Three and Zayday recall that she did leave to make a phone call. Everyone heads to Number Five’s closet and discovers that the costume is missing.

Number Five reminds them that she was attacked too, but since nobody saw it happen, it doesn’t help her case. Number One declares that she and Number Five are no longer friends, while Number Three warns her not to come to the Halloween party. Three says they cannot disinvite her, and she’ll be there come hell or high water. Number One promises that if Number Three shows up at the party, they will kill her.

The party is in full swing when Ivanka Trump arrives. But also in the mix is Ivana Trump. Number Five thought they were one and the same. After all, who names their kid after themself and randomly changes one letter? As everyone begins to question Ivanka’s true identity, the hospital is flooded with patients, and Ivanka disappears.

Chad Takes a Mulligan

All of the patients were at the same party bobbing for apples, and now Dr. Brock believes they have ergot poisoning, a fungus that grows on crops that can cause hallucinations, seizures, diarrhea and vomiting when ingested. The treatment is risky and can cause severe side effects. Zayday doesn’t agree with Dr. Brock’s assessment, and Dean Munsch gives her 10 minutes to come up with a viable alternative.

In the midst of the chaos, Denise and Chanel Number One steal away to contact Chad. Chad makes an appearance and lets Chanel know that now he’s in heaven and playing golf with Jesus. Chanel questions how she’s able to see him, and Chad thinks he’s pulling a Ghost and communicating with her using Denise’s body.

Chanel asks Chad who he loved more, and Chad says Denise. Agent Hemphill knows what she’s doing. The first time they did it, he had 10 back-to-back orgasms. Eager to change the subject, Chanel asks Chad who killed him, but before he manages to spit it out, Zayday bursts in and breaks the spell.

Two Killers, No Waiting

Number Five is wandering the halls alone when she comes across Ivanka/Hester. Number Five is convinced it’s Chanel, even after Hester pulls out a butcher knife. Five is so busy arguing why Chanel shouldn’t kill her that she doesn’t notice the Green Meanie sneaking up behind her. Now she’s the creamy center in a serial killer Oreo. The Green Meanie stabs Number Five in the back.

Zayday and Dr. Cassidy discover that the partygoers were tripping on a drug, just not ergot. They won’t require treatment. While the drug is potent, it’s rarely fatal. They also learn that the Green Meanie made an appearance at the party.

Chanel Number One comments that the Green Meanie isn’t much of a killer since he drugged people with something that wasn’t even lethal. Zayday realizes that maybe he didn’t want to kill them; the Green Meanie just needed a distraction.

Denise hears Number Five calling for help and discovers her in the hallway. Also still hanging out is the Green Meanie. He throws punch on Denise and electrocutes her with a defibrillator, leaving Number Five alive again.

Will Number Five be accused of stabbing herself in the back? Are the Green Meanie and Hester working together? Will Chanel Number One be blue forever? And where has Nurse Hoffel been?

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