Pitch’s “The Break” reveals even more about Ginny’s past. Not only did she have a complicated relationship with her dad because of the pressure he put on her, but she also had a very tense relationship with her mom that still exists today. In the present, though, Ginny’s gearing up for one of the biggest moments in her career: The All Star game.

Will Ginny Play In The All Star Game?

Pitch’s “The Break” begins with a video supporting the hashtag #PutHerintheGame. So far, 36 million people have signed a petition to put Ginny in the All Star game, and they need to make a decision soon.

Mike and Amelia, meanwhile, are still sleeping with each other, and Mike’s injury is getting worse. Amelia advises him to skip the All Star game and start thinking about his future as a broadcaster instead. In fact, she’s already set up a meeting for him.

Blip didn’t make the All Star game, so he, Evelyn and the kids are going to Disney World. The problem? Ginny’s mom is visiting and Ginny feels like Evelyn is abandoning her. She and her mom have a complicated relationship to say the least.

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Blip finds out that Mike’s not playing in the game, so he’ll probably play instead, so they can’t go to Disney World. But then Ginny gets a call and finds out that she’s taking Mike’s place instead of Blip. She feels terrible, but Blip tells her not to.

Ginny also goes to Al and says she doesn’t deserve to be on the All Star team and that the other guys will resent her for it. He agrees, but he talks about meeting his wife. She wasn’t interested in him but he just got back from Vietnam, so she said yes to a date out of pity and it all worked out. “Take the pity date,” he says. She should make the most out of this opportunity.

Mike Moves On

Mike meets with a lawyer about his divorce. His ex is getting half of the dealerships he has. His lawyer advises him to go to another team that pays more or think about his life after baseball.

Mike has a plan, though. He goes to the broadcasting interview that Amelia set up for him and does a little demonstration. They’re not impressed, though. “It was unintelligible,” one guy says. Well, that’s blunt.

Ginny’s Complicated Relationship with Her Mom

Pitch flashes back and shows what a great relationship Ginny had with her mom. They go to get her ears pierced, but her dad thinks that she’s buying oil for her mitt. Things have obviously changed. Being on the All Star team means that Ginny won’t have much time for her mom when she visits though. Her mom shows up and Ginny says that she made the team, which means her schedule just got busy. Instead, Eliot’s going to show her around. Her mom is understandably disappointed.

Later, Ginny complains about having to go to dinner with her mom and Mike volunteers to join them. Ginny says “Yes.” She also says that Amelia will be there and suggests that Mike talk to her about broadcasting since she doesn’t know they’re seeing each other. So Ginny shows up for dinner and Ginny’s mom introduces her surprise date, Kevin. They immediately start bickering. That’s when Mike and Amelia show up. It’s super awkward.

Ginny’s mom reveals that she and Kevin have been together for a year. They started seeing each other after Kevin got a divorce. Ginny’s shocked and pissed. They also ask for a ticket for Kevin for the All Star game. Ginny says “No,” but Mike offers him one of his.

Pitch then flashes back to Ginny’s mom surprising her with a dress for a dance. Her dad shows up, though, and says she has to miss the dance because the All Star Travel Team tryouts are coming up. Her dad basically gives her an ultimatum and she puts the dress back in the box and grabs her mitt. She apologizes to her mom, but she’s very understanding and says she’ll step in for her if this ever gets to be too much.

Back at dinner, Kevin says whatever Ginny’s mom and dad did, it worked. But Ginny gets pissed that he’s bringing up her father. Then she gets up and leaves. Then Ginny’s mom and Kevin leave, so Mike and Amelia are all alone. They talk about how he bombed his broadcasting rehearsal. He’s worried that he won’t be good at anything after baseball, but she’s sure he’ll be fine.

Back in the past, Ginny notices everyone around her at school coupling up and asking each other to the spring fling. She rushes home and sees her mom getting very cozy with another man and runs away.

Will a New Catcher Come to the Padres?

Oscar gets a call and has to head for the airport immediately for some reason. His assistant is stuck trying to cover for him.

She winds up telling some co-workers that she had to call Oscar’s dentist to help with an abscess. They don’t buy it. Then a story breaks: This player that defected from Cuba and is now in Amsterdam, lied about his age and is actually eligible to play in the U.S. That’s where Oscar is now. But reps for other teams have already showed up.

The player’s agent tells Oscar this is waste of time, but he’ll do what he can to get Oscar a meeting. Oscar then goes to a toy store, buys a doll, pulls off its head and cuts its hair off. That’s not creepy at all.

Oscar has his meeting and starts speaking Spanish to the player, but the players say he’s being too obvious and he should stop. Oscar then throws the doll’s head at him. He says, like the player, he used a doll’s head when he was a kid because he couldn’t afford a ball. The Yankees are offering a lot of money, but it’s not all about money. It’s about who you surround yourself with and who understands you. Oscar can give him a home and San Diego can embrace him as their own. The problem? He’s a catcher like Mike.

Will Blip Play in the All Star Game?

Blip gets a call and hears that one player pulled out and he can actually play in the All Star game. He’s ecstatic, but Evelyn’s disappointed and he accuses her of being un-supportive. She’s been through his whole career with him, though, so she’s allowed to be upset their family vacation is ruined.

The Big Game

Mike and Ginny watch some practices ahead of the big All Star game and Ginny is completely intimidated.

Finally, it’s time for the big All Star game. Ginny, Mike and Blip are all there. Mike’s not playing, but he’s still suited up. Evelyn and the kids are watching from home, Amelia and Eliot are in the box, but Ginny’s mom and Kevin are missing.

Ginny’s brought in to play in the sixth inning, and she does not do well. The hitter, Salvador Perez hits a home run. That’s not good considering all the controversy Ginny faced for being put in the game. A lot of people thought she didn’t deserve to be there.

Mike’s Second Chance

Mike gets another chance to go on the sports show. He talks about what happened between Ginny and Perez. At first he’s just straightforward about what happened in the game, but the he stops and changes direction. He gets personal and talks about how hard the All Star game is. He says that Ginny’s a “gamer” and stronger than he ever was. He didn’t do much analysis, but he spoke from the heart.

They then get breaking news and find out that the catcher from Cuba has signed on with the Padres. “That guy’s not taking my job,” Mike says.

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Will Blip And Evelyn Make Up?

After the game, Blip goes home to Evelyn. He says the biggest moment of his life wasn’t the All Star game, but it was actually when he met Evelyn. That was her best moment too.

Will Ginny And Her Mom Make Up?

Ginny knocks on her mom’s hotel door after the game. Pitch then flashes back to Ginny’s mom trying to give her earrings, but Ginny refuses to talk to her and then goes to play baseball instead. From then on, they had a tense relationship.

Back in the present, Ginny’s mom says she took Kevin to the airport instead of going to the game because they didn’t feel comfortable there. Ginny’s mom says baseball took her daughter from her. She doesn’t understand what happened between them. Losing Ginny’s father was painful, but that happened before he died. Losing Ginny was the most painful thing that ever happened to her. She asks Ginny why she shut her out.

Pitch flashes back to Ginny’s memories of her mom with that guy, but also the great times she had with her mom. In the present, Ginny admits that she was young and she didn’t realize how hard things were for her mom. Ginny doesn’t know where that leaves them now, but they agree to get breakfast.

Later that night, Mike calls Ginny and they banter about how terrible she was at the game. But at least she’s an All Star. She also thanks him for what he said about her on air and says that she cleared the air with her mom. She asks him how he’s doing with the new catcher situation and he says it’s okay.

Do you think Ginny was wrong to shut her mom out? And was Blip right to go to the All Star game instead of Disney World?

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