The drama-filled season 8 reunion special of The Real Housewives of New York City had damaging effects that no one saw coming. For instance, Sonja Morgan is still dealing with her fallout with Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer and LuAnn de Lesseps. While the 52-year-old entrepreneur remains optimistic about her relationship with her co-stars, Morgan reveals which one among the three she’s keeping her distance from at the moment.

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Morgan revealed on Watch What Happens Live this week that things are “not great” between her and Singer. “These girls have never Tweeted or Instagrammed any of my fashions. Ramona was terrible when she was on Watch What Happens Live when she said, ‘No, I didn’t order anything from her collection because it takes eight weeks.’ I mean just saying nothing. I mean, I love her but she’s like that Labrador that just jumps up on you and she’s just ripping your suede jacket at the same time and you’re like, ‘OK.’ I have benched Ramona for a couple of years before. Sometimes you just need a break from her.” 

As for Frankel, Morgan is determined not to cut ties with the Skinnygirl mogul no matter what they fought about in the past. She also understands what Frankel is going through.

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“I pride myself on not burning bridges, which is why I was sick to my stomach when I had that big fight with Bethenny,” Morgan told The Daily Dish. “I didn’t want to burn a bridge with her over me opening a mom and pop restaurant and my prosecco. I didn’t want that to happen and the girls getting in between that that made me worried, really worried. My daughter was relieved [that we settled it] because she knows how I am. I don’t burn bridges like that. And, also, I know that Bethenny, she’s going through so much with the divorce, ’cause I’ve been there [and] I would have been there to lighten it up, even at her barbecue, it was just too much. I’ve been there, going through a divorce and having to write a big check, my lawyers were millions of dollars. It’s hard.” 

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Morgan’s relationship with de Lesseps is different though. She’s been friends with the Countess for many years but knows that when it comes to men de Lesseps is blind as a bat.

“It became a lot about Luann because Luann made it a lot about Luann.” Morgan said. “And I think I got back in there so late that I didn’t get to tell my side of the story or show Ramona’s side. Or, you know, maybe it did sort of snowball. Yeah [we’re OK now] because Luann is my friend and she’s not judgmental. That’s why we are friends, but when it comes to a man, she has blinders on. That’s where we are right now. She just had total blinders. If she’s happy with that, I’m going to support her. I think they will [get married]. From what I see, Luann’s going to make it down the aisle, and like I say, if she’s happy I’m happy.” 

Are you surprised that Morgan is taking a break from Singer?

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