The killer sort of has it easy in Scream‘s “Jeepers Creepers.” With Noah’s suspicions about Audrey and Brooke’s about Seth, the potential victims end up right where the killer wants them. Yet no one actually dies on screen and the killer’s identity remains a mystery.

Here are the ways that the Lakewood Five made things super easy for the killer in “Jeepers Creepers.”

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Noah Texts Eddie to Ask If He Saw Audrey with Piper

Scream 206 1.pngNoah’s logic is that if Eddie doesn’t recognize Audrey, it means she wasn’t Piper’s accomplice. But the problem is, he doesn’t know that Eddie’s dead, so the killer uses the opportunity to set up a meeting in the funhouse at the fairgrounds.

Brooke Leaves Seth Cuffed, Blindfolded and Gagged After Questioning Him

Scream 206 2.pngAfter finding out Ms. Lang is his alibi for Jake’s murder and they’re apparently dating, Brooke thinks she’s covering for him. So she meets up with Seth, threatens him to try to get him to confess and then leaves him there.

Audrey “Kidnaps” Noah, But When They Find Emma, the Killer’s After Her

Audrey hopes to get Noah off her back by making it look like the killer kidnapped them both. However, when they hear Emma and Audrey finds out they’re there because of a text from “Eddie,” she reveals Eddie is actually “super dead,” and unties him. She figured if she was kidnapped too, he’d know she wasn’t the killer.

Scream 206 3.pngBut knowing that the killer could be there, they’re in trouble. They find Emma as the killer’s stalking her through the fairgrounds, and then Kieran (somewhat suspiciously) finds them and they get out of there.

The Killer Finds Seth and Cuts off His Hand

Scream 206 4.pngAnd then the killer makes sure you’ll never look at an iron the same way again.

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