The question of whether Quinn is dead or alive on Scandal is answered. Or is it? In “Robin,” the gladiators get terrible news about Quinn. They go through the motions and say their good-byes to their friend, as Olivia seeks comfort in an old friend. Meanwhile, Cyrus also deals with a loss, and Rowan gets his bones back.

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A Burned Up Body

In what I am assuming is shortly after Rowan fires two shots in the basement of his house, he drives to a vacant lot with a body in the car. He douses it with gasoline, lights it on fire and calls 911 as he walks away and it explodes.

David Rosen tells the group the next day that though the body is burned beyond recognition, they were able to match dental records to Quinn. The group is obviously devastated. Mellie even stops by the office to offer her condolences. She tells Olivia to take all the time she needs to grieve with her family.

As the group starts to plan Quinn’s funeral, Charlie tells them a story of a man who once said when he died he wanted his body burned and turned into bullets to shoot his enemies. He says Quinn loved that story and they should do that for her. Though everyone thinks he’s crazy, Olivia says she’ll look into it for him. Charlie then asks Olivia to write Quinn’s eulogy.

An Investigation

As Olivia leaves to go write the eulogy, she runs into Huck who is pouring over the coroner’s report. He questions a hairpin found on Quinn’s body. He doesn’t remember Quinn mentioning a hairpin for her wedding day. Olivia says she doesn’t recall either way.

Huck does some more digging into the hairpin and brings his findings to Abby. He tells Abby that he knows Olivia killed Rashad and that Quinn must have found out, so maybe Olivia killed Quinn too. Abby thinks he’s crazy and tells him to throw his investigation out because it’s not true.

Not satisfied, Huck goes to see Fitz. And while he doesn’t want help looking into Quinn’s death, he tells Fitz that Olivia is worse now that she’s B613. Fitz tells Huck that he’s already tried and offered her an alternative to the person she’s become, but she won’t change. Huck is relieved that Fitz sees that Olivia is not the same person anymore. He’s relieved that he’s not going crazy.

Dinner and a Show

Olivia gets writer’s block when tackling Quinn’s eulogy. While home, she gets a visit from Fitz who offers his condolences, a shoulder to cry on and wine. Of course, she tells him off, but takes the wine. She continues to get drunk and heads into Quinn’s office for inspiration. But all she does is scare Huck, who is on edge and ready to torture and kill again now that Quinn, his sponsor, is gone.

Olivia tells Huck that their gladiator mantra is silly. In her drunken stupor, she tells him that all gladiators were were entertainment and food, as they found for crowds and then got eaten by lions. She says all they are is dinner and a show.

Tribute to Quinn

Abby picks up Quinn’s ashes and has a moment with David. The next day, Abby and Huck help Charlie make Quinn bullets for her funeral. Everyone heads into the woods, and Olivia has no words of encouragement for the eulogy, as she says there really is no silver lining. Then everyone takes turns shooting a Quinn bullet into the ground as they each remember a special moment with her.

Bad People

Meanwhile, Jake gets Rowan his bones back. When Jake tells him that Olivia lost a friend, Rowan says she left him no choice. He adds that he lost a daughter, as Olivia is dead to him. And while Rowan finds comfort in putting his dinosaur back together, it seems he’s lonely and unhappy.

Cyrus on the other hand is dealing with a loss of his own. When Glackland returns from his trip, he immediately breaks up with Cyrus. Cyrus questions Jake to find out if he had anything to do with their breakup. Jake assures him he most certainly did not. At a loss, Cyrus goes to see Glackland to get some answers. Glackland explains that while he was away, his people did some digging into Charlie and found out who he really was. They also found out that Cyrus used to work with Charlie and everyone else, and that they are very bad people. When Cyrus questions just how much of his money he earned the honest way, Glackland says he’s only invested in projects he believes in.

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Dead or Alive

After the funeral, Huck, Abby, David and Marcus drink in the office and reminisce about Quinn. Olivia, on the other hand, doesn’t join them, but rather goes to see Fitz for a booty call, I guess in an attempt to feel better about herself. Or to just numb the pain. When David goes out to grab some food for everyone, he runs into Charlie in the parking garage. Charlie explains he can’t go home because there’s all the baby stuff in their apartment, including a playpen that Quinn insisted on putting together herself.

Abby and David head over the apartment to dismantle the playpen and get rid of the baby stuff for Charlie. They find a thumb drive that Quinn hid inside the playpen. (I can only imagine it contains files on what she’s found out about Olivia.)

Meanwhile, Charlie goes over to see Rowan. He tells him he’s ready to report for duty and he wants back in. He wants to be the guy who kills and doesn’t have feelings anymore. Rowan tells him to go home and think about what he’s actually asking for. As Charlie turns to go, he hears a baby cry in the house. He pushes his way in and finds a baby in a crib upstairs. He screams at Rowan to find out who’s baby it is, and attacks him for answers.

So. Is Quinn dead or alive? I couldn’t shake the feeling throughout the entire episode that Quinn isn’t actually dead. I can’t help but wonder if her and Rowan are working together now to take down Olivia. And if that’s true, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Huck and Charlie join forces too. Perhaps the only way to break Olivia is to let her think one of her own is dead. She runs back into Fitz’s arms, claiming it’s only for one night. But I imagine there will be more nights.

The question remains though. If Quinn is faking her death to fix Olivia, will Olivia be fixed or will she just be really pissed off when she finds out? And if Quinn isn’t dead, who’s body was burned up in the car? Typical Scandal leaves us with more questions than answers.

Do you think Quinn is actually dead? Do you think she’s working with Rowan to bring Olivia down? Do you think Fitz is in on it too? If she is dead, where does the team go from here? Let us know in the comments below.

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