The Gifted wraps up its first season with the two-hour finale, titled “eXtraction” and “X-roads.” The Mutant Underground and Hellfire Club join forces to protect other mutants from Dr. Campbell and Trask Industries. Loyalties and family ties are tested, as tensions run high and grave decisions are made. Just how will the mutants handle the threats they face and who will make it out alive?

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Dr. Campbell’s End Game is Finally Revealed

After plenty of questions over what Dr. Campbell has tried to gain from his research, it is all finally revealed. A flashback to his past four years ago, where his brother is dying from cystic fibrosis, shows how he feared that the human race was going extinct due to the X-gene. Now he wants to get rid of it to protect the human race. However, some of Otto Strucker’s research into getting rid of the X-gene is missing.

Meanwhile, the mutants plan the first stage of their attack. The Frost sisters know that Dr. Campbell will be talking at the Humanity Today conference, and that will be the perfect time to kidnap him. Everyone powerful against mutants will be at Humanity Today. 

Dr. Campbell turns to Senator Montez to organize a meeting for more funding and support for Trask Industries and the Hound Program. Senator Montez isn’t too certain about going another step forward with the attack on mutants, but Dr. Campbell convinces him that they need this to prevent a war.

John and his small group of mutants manage to stop Mr. Bennett on the way to Humanity Today. The Frosts make Bennett call to change his security detail. The initial plan works out. With Bennett incapacitated, John, Marcos and Clarice get into the conference building. Lorna is able to disrupt all communication, giving the small group a chance to grab Dr. Campbell. However, a child’s choir gets in the way and the small group is forced to abandon their mission while taking fire.

The Struckers Go on a Mission of Their Own

Not everyone is happy about the Struckers returning to the Mutant Headquarters, but there’s little time to worry about that. Sage realizes that Dr. Campbell has been combing through Otto’s research, just like Reed, and he’s been talking to an insurance company that just happens to be where Reed’s mom, Ellen, works. The Strucker family heads off to protect her. While trying to get his mom to come with him, Reed breaks the news that Otto was killed by Dr. Campbell’s men. Ellen never knew that Otto was a mutant or that he’d made Reed sick.

During the trip, Andy and Lauren are no longer seeing eye-to-eye on the Von Strucker siblings. While Lauren views them as the terrorists that the human reports have painted them as, Andy views them as protectors of mutants — almost like George Washington, as a liberator for America and not the enemy the British viewed him as.

When Sentinel Services arrives, the Struckers convince Ellen to leave her work. Andy decides to use his abilities against the Sentinel Services men, but Lauren tries to stop him. They use their powers against each other, connecting into a mini-bomb that throws each other back.

Ellen finally realizes that there may have been a researcher that Otto talked to, a woman called Madeline. Despite Sentinel Services going after the Struckers, Ellen decides she can’t go to the Mutant Underground. She will go to a friend instead.

Back at the Underground, Reed gives Sage Madeline’s name to research. Meanwhile, Kate wants to get to the bottom of the fight between Lauren and Andy. Lauren is worried about her brother and worries Kate too. All Andy sees is that the humans are becoming a threat to the mutants and they need to become like the Von Strucker family.

The Mutants Run Away

After the disaster of the attack on Dr. Campbell in the first half of The Gifted‘s season 1 finale, the mutants have no choice but to run away. The Frost siblings aren’t happy about running (or that John and Marcos refused to attack children), but she has no choice. When they get back to their safe house, the Frost sisters hurry to find out where Dr. Campbell will go next before it’s too late.

Back at the Humanity Today conference, Dr. Campbell tells the senator that they need to attack now. They head to a private plane to discuss the next steps.

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Jace Uses the Hound Program

When Jace gets to where Sentinel Services was attacked, he uses two mutants from the Hound Program to find out where the Struckers went afterwards. When the hounds get two trails, Jace alerts local police about Ellen and takes Sentinel Services to the Underground.

The Struckers’ trail leads to a toxic contamination site. Jace realizes it’s not as toxic as previously made out to be, so he organizes for an assault team to move in. Despite Pedro pushing fear on everyone, Jace fights against it. The mutants have to evacuate the Underground.

As the Underground starts evacuating, Lauren turns to Andy. It’s time to fight against Sentinel Services. Their parents spend time creating another exit from the Underground through the vault, after barricading themselves for protection. The mutants with combat training hold off Sentinel Services while the exit is made.

Jace decides it’s time to send the hounds in, and they’re not taking any prisoners. Luckily, the exit is created and all the mutants are able to escape. Andy and Lauren stay behind to use their joint powers against Sentinel Services. Sage later confirms that the whole of HQ is gone and only the Strucker siblings made it out alive.

Lorna Considers a Safer Future

During the episode, Lorna and Clarice have a chance to bond over their families and the fact that the Frost sisters have attempted to get into both of their heads. Clarice knows she has darkness in her family tree but believes that what’s in the family tree doesn’t matter. The family tree doesn’t make a mutant evil.

A flashback into Lorna’s past reveals how she joined the Mutant Underground. While in a court-ordered mental health facility, she was visited by another mutant with news of the Underground. This links to how Lorna feels now, as she refuses to run away from the current problem.

Lorna decides to join with the Frost sisters and leaves with two of them. After learning of a flight plan, Lorna and two of the Frost sisters head to the plane to take it down. Marcos, John and Clarice find out, threaten the remaining Frost sister and go to stop Lorna. They get there in time, but Lorna chooses to take the plane down, killing all on board, including Dr. Campbell. After that, she takes off, leaving the others behind without a word.

In the end, Jace is the one who becomes the scapegoat for the bureaucrats. He chooses to quit Sentinel Services. Meanwhile, the Mutant Underground had to decide where to go from this point. With the Mutant Underground divided, Lorna and the Frosts return to gain their own recruits. Andy is among those who leave with the Hellfire Club, splitting the Strucker siblings.

Did you expect Lorna to take down the whole plane? What do you think Jace will do next? How will the Mutant Underground rebuild? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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