The mid-season finale of Scandal dropped several shocking revelations–from a pregnancy, an abortion to a a seemingly irreparable breakup (see details in our recap) and left fans with plenty of questions. It will take several weeks before the second half of season five resumes but fortunately we have some teasers to ease the wait.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

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Meet the New Olivia

When we last saw Olivia, she had an abortion, called Fitz an “ineffectual” president and basically ended their relationship. Considering everything she has been through, viewers can expect that she won’t ever be the same.

“She’s definitely changed,” Kerry Washington said. “What happened at the end of the winter finale is a huge decision for her and she’s a different woman because of it.”

A Time Jump

When Scandal resumes from hiatus, six months will have already passed. Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is officially running for president though there will also be some “surprising” new faces in the race. Meanwhile, we also get to see how Fitz and Olivia are doing post-breakup.

“We’ve got a six-month time jump. It’s very different. We find Fitz completely alone and struggling with life on his own and sort of viciously estranged from Mellie, although they’re trying to co-parent. And Fitz and Olivia are not in contact. It’s very difficult for him to be alone. He’s leaning very heavily on Abby and really focusing on work. But he’s been a bit of a monk for six months and has never been alone — he’s not good at it. The show, overall, everybody is pushing in a new direction. Olivia is in a very strange and interesting place. And Mellie is running for president. What we’re getting into now is the trajectory of the campaign is heating up,” Tony Goldwyn told The Hollywood Reporter.

Fitz’s Ambiguous Future

It’s bad enough that Fitz has to struggle with his breakup with Olivia, which Goldwyn thinks his character is not yet over. But there also the question of what will happen to Fitz after he leaves office?¬†

“I have no idea,” ¬†Goldwyn said of Fitz’s future. ” That’s the thing that puzzles me. I don’t know what my function on the show will be if I’m not [playing] the president of the United States. I’m curious to see what Shonda [Rhimes] is thinking about it. But it’s one of the things that I think makes Scandal successful: Shonda is not afraid to go to new places. That’s what they’ve done since season one: They get themselves into an impossible situation and then they’re not scared of making the characters unlikable, of us doing horrible things or burning up plot — “That was supposed to be the finale and it’s only episode four!” — so it will be really interesting. I may not have a job, but we’ll see!”

What do you think will happen to Fitz when he’s no longer in office?

Scandal returns February 11 on ABC.

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