After all of the drama from this season, Olivia has reached her breaking point with Rowan AKA Papa Pope on Scandal. Now, the popular fixer wants to go to the extreme to make sure he’s out of the picture for good. But first she has to ask Huck.

In a teaser for the upcoming episode of Scandal, Huck meets a very disturbed and troubled Olivia at a secluded place. He’s ready for them to make a move but Olivia reveals she needs something from him first. Huck doesn’t waste time and immediately turns around as he pulls out his gun.

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“Is he still here?” he asks, assuming someone brought Olivia there against her will. She insists that she’s “fine” but he’s ready to do damage; he just has to know who his target is first. Olivia continues to ask him to “do something” for her.

When she finally gets his attention she tells him, “I need you to kill Rowan.”

Interestingly enough, the episode is called “A Traitor Is Among Us.” But there is no real indication of who the traitor is. Considering all of the twists and turns this season, it could be anyone.

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Still, it’s safe to say Olivia is completely done with her father. We found out last week that it was Rowan who pulled the trigger and killed President Vargas. Even though Olivia doesn’t know that yet, she wants her father dead. What she doesn’t know is that her own life is in danger thanks to him.

Do you think Huck should step in? Is killing Rowan too much, even for Huck? Do you think Olivia should have asked him to do it?

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