The characters of Quantico reunite in this episode, titled “LNWILT,” as they are given a major task to work on together.

Alex and Shelby’s friendship is back on track, and both get the call to report for the top secret mission that they and their former teammates will be taking part in together. Ryan, Dayana and Nimah also get the call. It doesn’t take much time for things to get awkward, as Shelby runs into a familiar face — Caleb’s brother, Clay Haas, who reminds Shelby and Alex that Shelby had an affair with their father after she and Caleb broke up.

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The Team Channels Mission: Impossible

Still, the key FBI agents, along with newcomer Dayana, are called together for a mission they weren’t aware existed just yet. President Claire Haas briefs them on the attack they all had just overcome. She reveals that the nation still has a long way to go until they win the war that the nation doesn’t know is even happening. The team is ordered to find out if a recent attack — a cargo plane crash — is not only connected to the terrorist hostage situation but also who is controlling it all. Claire adds that no one is to know about this since she doesn’t know who she can trust; still, she’s willing to risk her presidency to find out. And her son, Clay, will be leading the pack.

To make matters worse, Alex gets a call from Leon that someone is after not just him but all of them. The secrets already start for Alex as she tells Dayana that they’ll be meeting with Leon later, but they can’t tell anyone. But Alex’s secrets don’t stop her from having a personal moment with Ryan as he updates her on what he’s been up to since the last time they saw one another.

Shelby and Clay Clash While Agents Still Can’t Get Along

As for Shelby and Clay, he’s determined to not even acknowledge Shelby’s presence. I really hope that this doesn’t lead to an awkward tension that ends with them hooking up. Clay reveals to Shelby that the only reason she was on the mission is because she “knows too much” after she helped rescue the hostages.

Shelby still joins her friends, and they instantly get to work and try to figure out who would benefit the most from the airplane crash. Their different styles in solving mysteries don’t hesitate to surface as Leon tries to secretly convince Alex and Dayana that they’re all in danger. The team’s inability to agree discourages Clay from wanting to babysit them, so none other than Owen steps in and tells them to “follow the money.” It turns out that’s what Nimah wanted to do all along. He reminds them that the only way they’ll succeed is if they find a way to work together. But if they can’t, Owen will be back behind bars and all of them will be right along with him.

The First Task is a Fail

So under his suggestion, they start with Shawn Gregory, the portfolio manager at an investment group, GIP. They’re instructed to find employees with the firm, talk to them and see if any of them will spill too much information at a black-tie event. Gregory comes face-to-face with Owen and Alex as Owen tries to get him to invest in the CIA and FBI. He’s all for chatting, but of course the other agents might not be having as much luck — except Ryan, who instantly makes a connection with a journalist. Owen and Alex manage to get inside of GIP’s firewall, which helps bring success to the first piece of the mission.

Dayana also reveals some information that CIA Director Matthew Keyes is the one looking for Leon and thinks he has gone rogue since the hostage situation. Interestingly enough, Clay steps in just as Shelby is getting ready to make traction herself but not in a good way. They have a moment together dancing, but it’s messed up when Shelby mentions his dad. So Clay wants her off the team, and she agrees without hesitation. I can’t imagine Shelby’s absence will last too long.

In the next scene, Alex runs into none other than Harry, who seems to be on a mission as well. They instantly question why the other is there, but of course neither of them backs down, so they decide to act like they’re making out so that they distract security. They end up overhearing a conversation with Shawn, who they found out was simply involved in a Ponzi scheme. She’s then caught by Shawn himself as Harry tries to crawl away but ends up helping out Alex big time. Meanwhile, Ryan and Owen come face-to-face and discuss their issues, which both of them claim they don’t have, with each other as Ryan calls out Owen for ditching Alex upstairs.

Clay isn’t impressed with their actions and says, “You’ve proven you’re nothing but teenagers.” But the agents still want GIP to be taken down for their illegal activity, even if it isn’t what they were looking for. However, Clay doesn’t want to move and spook the real terrorists. Owen gets in his feelings and leaves because of the group’s actions, or lack thereof.

Nimah runs into Shelby, who’s packing up to leave, but Nimah tries to convince her to stay. She’s surprised when Shelby confronts her about how she handled the hostage situation.

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Alex and Harry Make a Break in the Case

Alex and Harry reunite in the daylight, and Harry confesses that he was kicked out after he exposed the CIA’s rogue mission. He briefs Alex on what he’s been up to and says he’s been “doing what he can” to prove his worth as an agent. Harry refuses to join the team, but that doesn’t stop him and Alex from working together on the side.

It turns out the President is also not pleased with the progress they haven’t made, so Alex steps in and reveals what she and Harry found. She introduces Christian Kelly, who has received billions from the government in the wake of the plane crash. Alex gives Harry some of the credit, but he still isn’t allowed back in. Owen has a change of heart and returns to the group in hopes of making up for the bad that Lydia did. The group decides to start fresh the next day.

Ryan and Alex are Back to Their Old Habits

But before that happens, Ryan and Alex reminisce about the good times and what went wrong. Alex points out that they couldn’t escape one another if they tried. Still, they decide to move forward. I’m hoping they want to do it together one day. And there’s hope as Alex tells Ryan she loves him; she just needs “more time.” Having their own moment are Shelby and Clay. But Clay points out that it’s his fiance who said he should give Shelby a chance.

Alex and Dayana try to get Leon some professional help and tell him he’s paranoid over nothing. But they are proven wrong when he is attacked and kidnapped at the end of the episode. His last message to them is that Keyes is the one who is after him.

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