On the midseason premiere of Empire, “Sound & Fury,” Lucious and Cookie go to war after he attacked Angelo. However, they have to come together when Jamal wants to leave rehab before his treatment is complete.

It’s War

After Lucious announces his new music project, “Inferno,” Cookie demands that he steps down as co-CEO to focus on it. Cookie is also mad at him for tipping off the reporter about Angelo’s past, so she brings Lucious’ mother to his event and brings her on stage. In the past, Lucious made it seem like his mother was dead to the public, so the crowd quickly turns on him. After the show, Angelo leaves for Boston to find his old friend and dig up the records that prove he did not kill anyone when he got a DUI.

Cookie, Andre and Hakeem go to visit Jamal in rehab, and meet a singer named Tory (played by Rumer Willis). She checked into rehab for drugs after passing out on stage at Fenway Park. Lucious joins his family at Jamal’s meeting. He’s completed half of his program and wants to go home to work on music, but Cookie does not think it is a good idea. Cookie and Lucious fight about Cookie giving Jamal pills before his last performance at Angelo’s rally.

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Take Him Down

Shine officially starts working at Empire Entertainment and Andre talks to him about their plan to take down and kill Lucious. Shine thinks they should back off because Lucious’ new project is going to take off, but Andre disagrees. Lucious goes to the press to clear up the rumors about his mother, but quickly changes the subject to Angelo. He announces a $3 million reward to anyone who has information that can help send Angelo to jail. Lucious also endorses another candidate for mayor (like anyone should take his advice on who to vote for). Back in rehab, Jamal bonds with Tory over music. (Sidenote: am I being paranoid or is Tory’s giant lion tattoo sketchy considering Jamal’s last name?)

Sing Off

After the board votes for Nessa to perform at Lucious’ concert instead of Tiana, Hakeem and Tiana crash and take over the stage. Lucious yells at Cookie for it, but she responds, “I got it lit in here, turn up your hearing aid.” (Cookie really is the best.) Tiana and Nessa get into a physical fight after they finish singing, but it’s interrupted when Lucious gets a call that Jamal is missing from rehab.

Lucious and Cookie immediately go to Jamal’s old dealer D-Major, but he isn’t there. They see him on snapchat, and recognize the studio he is entering with Tory. Instead of barging in, Cookie and Lucious listen to him sing. When Jamal sees them watching, he stops and Lucious and Cookie yell at him for ditching rehab. Jamal promises he is clean and needs music to keep him that way. Lucious and Cookie agree to let him record and come home.

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Twisted Love

Tariq is still trying to get Lucious convicted for Frank Gather’s murder, but is suspended after Lucious convinces another witness from prison not to testify against him and his boss finds out Lucious is Tariq’s half brother. Angelo clears his name against Lucious’ accusations, and Jamal tells Cookie that he thinks Lucious is trying to take down her new boyfriend because he still loves her. Meanwhile, after Xaiver gets fired, Becky thinks that she will finally be named the new head of A&R. Instead, Lucious announces Anika will take over the position.

After Lucious calls Anika his “muse,” Cookie pulls a Beyoncé and takes a baseball bat to his studio. While reminding him of their history, including her time in jail, she destroys his trophies and platinum records. Cookie doesn’t stop until she goes to his office and destroys his piano. She breaks down because she feels like Lucious is trying to erase their history and give credit to Anika. They start to hook up, but Cookie stops him and says she meant it when she said she was down with him. Both of them are in tears. (I’m proud of Cookie, but was kind of hoping for some hate-sex on the piano a la Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl.)

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