Tick tock. Tick tock. Time seems to be running out in the Sandal season 6 finale to find Maya and get information out of her. Olivia and OPA spend “Tick Tock,” trying to figure out Maya’s end game. While in “Transfer of Power,” Olivia tries to figure out who is actually in charge of the mystery group while getting Mellie safely into the White House.

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Tracking Maya

Eli works with Jake to try and track down Maya. They get to a warehouse, where Jake and his team find plans to assassinate Mellie during her inauguration. They collect all of the plans and sort through the information. They find photos of a Secret Service agent she’s been tracking. Jake finds the agent in a hotel room with Maya, and they arrest her.

Trying to Break Maya

In lockup, Olivia and Eli wait for Maya to crack. She tells them that she’s not involved in the assassination plans. She claims she came to DC to protect Olivia. She sticks to her story. Finally, Eli goes in to get answers, but she gets under his skin. And he actually believes she could be telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Olivia asks OPA to find out who Maya hired to kill Mellie. They decide to follow the money trail, and they ask Abby for the account information that she got paid from. Abby offers to help, however, they reach a dead end. Abby then suggests they reverse the search and figure out who is getting paid, instead of where the money is coming from. Then, they realize that Maya didn’t hire an assassin; she is the assassin.

Olivia goes in to try and get information from Maya, so she pretends to believe that Maya isn’t involved. But Maya isn’t buying it. She doesn’t give up any information, and then Olivia starts to strangle her. Jake comes in and stops her though.

Plan B

While they try to get information out of Maya, Olivia urges Mellie to come up with a plan B for the inauguration. However, Mellie just doesn’t see how that’s possible. She feels women all over the country have been waiting for a female president, and she deserves all the pomp and circumstance as every male president before her.

Olivia then suggests letting Maya go so they can track her to the person who hired her. Fitz thinks this is a terrible idea and won’t allow it. Olivia and Jake go behind his back anyway. They release Maya, put a tracker in her and tell her she’s working for them. When Eli finds out, he’s furious. He runs to Fitz and has him reinstate B613 with Fitz in charge. This way, Fitz can have Eli track Maya down to stop her.

Tracking Maya Again

Maya, of course, goes rogue as she removes her tracker. On inauguration day, OPA tries to track her by burner phones, hoping to find the person who actually hired her instead. Meanwhile, Eli and a team are also tracking her down.

Before the ceremony, Jake assures everyone that Mellie will be safe up on the stage. Luna Vargas says she’ll stand by Mellie, but thinks their kids shouldn’t be up on the stage, just in case. Everyone agrees. As the ceremony starts, Jake does a quick check from his team and gets the all clear. Immediately after, Maya takes out one of the agents and sets up her mark. She calls Olivia and asks her to move out of the way. Maya tells Olivia that she’s not going to kill Mellie, but rather she’s going to kill the person who hired her.

At this point, OPA has tracked a burner phone to one of the VIPs on the stage with Mellie. So they confirm whoever hired Maya is up on stage. But just as Maya goes to take the shot, Eli takes her down. Olivia is upset that she won’t find out who hired the hit.

Who’s Really In Charge?

After the ceremony, Olivia tells everyone what happened. Mellie just wants to continue on with her day, and has had enough of everything. Olivia then finds out from David Rosen that Fitz reactivated B613, and she’s not happy. Fitz tells her he’ll be running it this time, but she’s convinced her father will somehow worm his way back in. She’s upset that Fitz will be running the organization that ruined her and her father’s life. She reveals that she’s upset that Fitz was going to Vermont and wanted him to stay, but not as head of B613.

Later, Fitz goes to say good-bye to Olivia. He tells her he deactivated B613 again, because she was right. Then he says he has to leave to run his foundation in Vermont. She doesn’t believe him at first and refused to say good-bye. But as he makes his way to Marine One, she runs out and kisses him good-bye in front of the cameras.

As the White House prepares for Mellie, Olivia heads back to OPA, where they are using a seating chart Abby brought over to figure out who hired Maya. As they pour over it, Olivia realizes that it’s an old copy, as it still has the kids up on stage. And then she realizes the person in charge has been in front of her face the whole time and she’s missed it: Luna Vargas!

Olivia confronts Luna, but Luna refuses to give up any information. She tells Olivia that she’s untouchable now that she’s the vice president. Olivia feels defeated. She tells Jake, and then she goes to tell Maya, who tells Olivia to just let it go. But Olivia can’t. She can’t give up the one thing she’s wanted for so long – the White House. So Maya tells her to take it back.

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Getting The Job Done

Everyone prepares for the ball, and Mellie actually asks Cyrus to be her date. Jake goes to get Olivia from her apartment, and she tells him she has a plan. They summon Luna to an office. Olivia tells Luna that the only way to solve this problem is for Luna to die in that room, that night. Luna tries to get her agents, but no one comes, as they are Jake’s agents.

Olivia gives Luna two choices – take pills to kill herself or have Jake kill her. The first way, she dies in her sleep and has a heart attack. The second way, it will eventually come out that she’s a killer. The choice is hers.

Luna breaks down and reveals that she had her own husband killed. She paid the mysterious group to have her husband killed, as she felt that his legacy could live on with her, and his policies would get through faster if she was president. She mentions Jackie Kennedy with blood on her coat, and how if Jackie had become president, all the things she could have gotten done. Eventually, Luna takes the pills and Jake waits for her to die.

Olivia then gets Mellie to sign an executive order to reinstate B613. Only this time, Olivia will be in charge. Olivia goes to tell Eli the news. She then tells him he’s retired, and he’s not to bother her or Fitz. She adds that she’d like to start up Sunday dinners again, as she wants her father back.

Later, she meets Cyrus on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. She tells him that Luna was behind the whole plot, including Frankie’s murder. He acts shocked, but then he mentions that it’s a brilliant plan, and basically repeats word for word what Luna said about Jackie Kennedy. Then he asks Olivia what’s she going to do about Luna. And it’s then that Olivia realizes Cyrus planted the seed in Luna’s head to become president, and he’s trying to plant a seed in Olivia’s head to get rid of Luna. But in the end, they both got what they wanted. She then tells Cyrus to stay in town so that she can nominate him for vice president.

A Baby OPA Associate

While all the drama is unfolding, Quinn bonds with Abby and reveals she’s pregnant. She then asks Abby to take over OPA, even though Olivia just put her in charge. Quinn tells Abby that she wants to live a normal life with her child, and that doesn’t involve her shady past, or Charlie. Abby turns the job down, but tells Quinn to just hire her to work at OPA. She then tells Quinn that they will raise the baby together and figure it out. So Quinn tells Charlie and Huck she’s pregnant. Charlie is ecstatic, but Huck seems upset.

The Next Chapter

It seems that Scandal has set up season seven. Mellie is the president, Cyrus will eventually be vice president. And Olivia is in charge. Just the way it should be, right? Of course, there are bound to be bumps along the way. With Olivia as chief of staff, and in charge of B613, things are sure to get crazy. And I can’t imagine Fitz will stay in Vermont for very long. Not when his love is still running DC.

I have to say, having Luna in charge of the whole group was shocking and underwhelming at the same time. While her motives seemed to make sense, it seemed odd that she had that much power to find this group and get the job done. It was definitely a good twist. But since she wasn’t featured much through season six of Scandal, I honestly almost forgot about her.

I’m glad that Abby is back with OPA. That’s where she belongs, as she’s an original gladiator. I’m happy that Quinn is pregnant, but she does have some valid concerns about her past and raising a child. Should be very interesting, especially with Huck seemingly upset.

What did you think of the Scandal season six finale? Were you surprised that Luna was behind the whole group? Do you still have questions about the group and Luna? Do you think Olivia will be able to be chief of staff and run B613? Do you think she deserves it? Let us know in the comments below.

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