Things don’t exactly go according to plan for Olivia in “Adventures of Babysitting.” In fact, season 7 of Scandal is seeing a lot of Olivia bullying and bribing people to get what she wants. After she orders Rowan to send Fitz home, Fitz runs to Mellie and tells her what Olivia has been up to with B613. Meanwhile, Mellie pushes to go to war with the rebels in Bashran to save its President Rashad. And both Mellie and Cyrus get some action with their new love interests.

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No Privileges

Olivia rips into Rowan after she takes away his dinosaur. She tells him that everything he does is a privilege. In fact, speaking to her is a privilege, and he doesn’t have any privileges right now. Not until he delivers a message to Fitz to go back to Vermont. Rowan does deliver the message, but Fitz doesn’t listen. In fact, he thinks he’ll get the upper hand by tattling to Mellie about how Olivia killed Luna Vargas and reinstated B613.

Mellie is livid at the news. She fears that anything Olivia does with B613, including Luna’s death, will eventually get linked back to her. She orders Olivia to shut it down, and get her the war with the Bashran rebels the old-fashioned way – by Congressional approval.


Mellie insists that President Rashad stay in the United States until it’s safe to return to his country. She fears that he’ll be killed if he goes back too soon. He agrees to stay, but asks that his niece get protection too. QPA pulls his niece, Yasmine, out of Dartmouth and keeps her in the office until they figure out a plan. Yasmine is upset by the situation, and eventually runs away. Huck finds her at a bus stop with her girlfriend and brings them both back.

Support and Cleanup

Cyrus meets with senators to gain support for the war, and his new buddy, Glackland, shadows him to see what politics is like. Glackland plays on his phone during all of the meetings, and Cyrus eventually calls him out on it. Glackland explains he uses an algorithm when he’s thinking of investing in a new product to find out if it’s worth his time and money. He explains that the war is a crappy product, and he fears that if Cyrus supports it and it fails, that the American public will have a harder time in the future supporting other endeavors.

While Cyrus wrestles with this new information, Olivia does some cleanup and damage control. First, she goes to see Rowan again. He screams that he wants his bones back, but she’s pissed that Fitz is still hanging around as a result of what Rowan did, so she won’t return his bones. Then she goes to see Curtis for some hanky panky, and to ask him to put Rashad on his show. He tells her she can’t tell him how to do his job, but eventually, he agrees to do it. And Jake goes to see Fitz. He warns him to leave Olivia alone, as she is just doing what she has always been destined to do — be Command.

When Cyrus tells Olivia that Congress is split 50/50 on the war, Olivia doesn’t seem concerned because the deciding vote goes to the vice president. But Cyrus tells her that he is voting “no.” She, of course, gets all “new Olivia” and threatens him. He basically tells her that scaring him won’t do any good. He also warns her that the war is a bad idea to support, and she should see that.

Finally, Olivia goes to see Fitz. She tells Fitz that she’s not getting the war that Mellie wants. She asks if it felt good tattling on her. He says he feels great about telling Mellie the truth, and that he feels she misplaced her white hat. She, once again, tells Fitz to go home. He says he’ll leave when he finally sees someone he recognizes – the real Olivia Pope.

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Shared Kisses and a Solution?

Back at the White House, with no war or solution in sight, Rashad tells Mellie he needs to go back to his country. They share a kiss that gets heavy, but Mellie stops it before it can go any further.

In the vice president’s office, Cyrus thanks Glackland for the good advice on the war. He compliments Glackland and says he’ll be good in politics. They too share a kiss.

Later on, Olivia goes to see Mellie and asks what she wants. She says she wants Rashad and the treaty, and for America to feel safe again. Olivia offers a campaign to get everyone on board for a war, but Mellie feels they won’t have time. So, she alludes that Olivia needs to get B613 involved, but she doesn’t want to know the details. Olivia tells her it will be handled.

Soon, it’s safe enough for Rashad to return home, or so everyone thinks. A plane to Turkey is arranged for him and his niece Yasmine. Mellie says it will be safer for him to enter his country through Turkey than the U.S. The two share another moment, but she stops him before they can kiss again.

Mellie is happy that she and Olivia are in charge again. She thanks Olivia for her help, andin return, Olivia asks Mellie¬† for a favor. Fitz is called into Mellie’s office, and she gives him the same privilege speech again from Olivia, and tells him to go back to Vermont.

Olivia goes to see Curtis, happy with the way things worked out, but he breaks up with her, saying he was originally attracted to her power and beauty, but she doesn’t have any other human qualities. And just as she thinks things couldn’t get any worse for her, Rashad and Yasmine’s plane blows up even before it can even take off. Quinn and Charlie watch on in horror, unable to do anything.

It’s about time something of real substance happened in the final season of Scandal. For the first few episodes, it’s been a lot of Olivia putting out minor fires and bullying people around. Now, there’s a real problem. Someone blew up the president of another country on American soil. I’m curious to see how Olivia handles this and what advice she’ll give Mellie.

But the question remains, who blew up the plane? Was it the Bashran rebels? The same people who wanted to assassinate Rashad? Or was it B613? Perhaps Olivia didn’t want Mellie involved with Rashad so she arranged for the plane to blow up?

I love the Cyrus storyline with Glackland. Glackland is such a different type of person for Cyrus, perhaps this will be a good relationship for him.

Do you think Olivia has anything to do with Rashad’s plane blowing up? How do you think she’ll handle the fallout of the attack? What will Mellie’s reaction be? Do you think Fitz will really go back to Vermont? Let us know in the comments below.

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