Fitz is Olivia’s weakness on Scandal. He always has been. He always will be. This is why Rowan recruited Fitz to come back to DC and try to get Olivia to give up Command. In “Lost Girls,” Fitz tries to distract Olivia with a missing girls case. Meanwhile, Mellie has to make a tough call during the nuclear peace summit, and Cyrus deals with a very generous gift from an admirer.

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First Approach

After Olivia and Curtis run into Fitz, Curtis leaves. Fitz hands Olivia a file and says he needs her help with a missing girls case. She tells him to give the case to QPA, but he says he wants her. She’s not taking the bait though. And eventually Quinn and friends gets the case.

Fitz meets with Rowan, who tells Fitz he needs to take a more direct approach. He says Fitz needs to be the bait, not some case.

At QPA, they work the missing girls case. They try to find a face in the many girls who can represent the group. Someone who will appeal to the American people to try and find her, and bring light to a crisis of missing girls of color. Eventually, they settle on a young teen named Zoey Adams. But, the media isn’t taking the bait either.

Marcus goes to see Olivia to try and see Mellie. Olivia won’t let him see her, but she does ask him about Fitz and Vermont. Marcus tells her that Fitz misses her. He then encourages Olivia to take an interest in the case.

The next day, Olivia goes to QPA and suggests the group reach out to Zoey’s mother and put her in front of the media. She feels the public can sympathize more with a teen’s mother.

Second Approach

After Zoey’s mother appears on Curtis’ show with Fitz, things get heated between Fitz and Curtis about the growing problem of missing girls. Shortly after the appearance, a coup in Bashran takes the news away from Zoey’s disappearance. QPA all think that the case needs Mellie’s backing.

Fitz heads to see Olivia at her apartment. He asks her to get Mellie to make a statement about the case. Olivia screams at him and wants to know why he’s really there. Eventually, he tells her he’s there for her, and that he’s in love with her. He tells her they both know they are good together and then they kiss.

A Summit and a Coup

While Olivia is dealing with personal issues, she is also dealing with the peace summit Mellie is hosting between President Rashad and the president of his neighboring country. At first, the other president feels Rashad and Mellie are hiding things from him, so he doesn’t want to sign the treaty. Mellie calls for a break to cool down.

She and Rashad strategize more in her office, with her telling him she needs to appear impartial, and the two share a moment. It’s clear they have feelings for each other, but she knows she can’t do anything about it.

Back at the summit, the other president makes some amendments that Rashad agrees to. And as they make progress, security personnel comes in with Jake, who informs everyone that rebels have taken over in Bashran, and there is a coup to overthrow Rashad.

Mellie is livid and tells Olivia she wants to send troops into Bashran to restore peace. Olivia tries to talk her out of it, telling her she could start a war. Mellie rattles off reasons why she wants to send military to Bashran. Olivia eventually leaves to think about it.

The next day, after her meeting with Fitz, Olivia presents to briefs to Mellie. Before she reads them, Mellie tells Olivia that despite her feelings for Rashad, she still thinks they should send troops to Bashran, as she wants to make this decision on her own. Olivia tells her the first brief is troop deployment stats. The second brief is information on an FBI division that will focus solely on missing persons of color. Shortly after the division is formed, Quinn lets Zoey’s mother she’s been found alive and well.

Daddy’s Girl

Confused about her feelings for Fitz, Olivia goes to talk to her father. She wants to know how he maintained a family and worked as Command for so long. He assures her that it’s not possible for her to run B613 and be with Fitz. She tells him her B613 is not like his B613, but he still insists it’s impossible.

As she storms out, he says that she doesn’t have to like him, but she’d be a fool to not learn from him.

After some investigating on why Fitz is back in DC, Jake informs Olivia that it wasn’t Fitz’s idea at all to come back to her, but rather Rowan’s doing. In fact, Jake tells her that Fitz was doing exactly as she asked, staying in Vermont, until Rowan came along.

Olivia removes the dinosaur Rowan is working on at the museum, and then she confronts him about what he’s really been up to and his motives.

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A New Romance for Cyrus

In either an intriguing or a fluff storyline, Cyrus tries to figure out what to do with the expensive painting that Fenton Glackland gave him. Eventually, he decides he has to give it back, as the law prevents him from keeping anything over $20 as a gift.

Cyrus goes to see Fenton at his place, after some convincing, Fenton says he’ll get the painting removed from Cyrus’s office. However, he invites Cyrus in to hang out and use virtual reality glasses. Cyrus has a blast, but then things get personal pretty quickly, with Fenton hitting on Cyrus and asking for him to teach him about politics. Cyrus quickly removes himself from the situation.

Back at his office, Cyrus can’t get Fenton off his mind. When Mellie comes to visit, he tells her that Fenton is beneath him and he won’t lower his standards. However, just a day later, Cyrus goes back to Fenton’s place, hands him $20 to ‘pay’ for the painting and says he’ll teach him about politics.

Getting Messy

Things could get pretty messy for Cyrus and Mellie if they act on their feelings, which it looks like it just might. Scandals for both the vice president and president could spell disaster for the White House. But I’m sure Olivia will just bully them into doing the right thing, as that is her MO lately.

I’m surprised Rowan thought that his plan to use Fitz would work. However, I can’t help but feel like there’s more that Rowan has up his sleeve. I can’t imagine that he really just wants to see his little girl happy. Perhaps he wants to run B613 again. He’s not in his nature to be genuine with Olivia, so I can’t see why this time would be any different.

Do you think Rowan has ulterior motives with trying to get Olivia to quit Command? Do you think Jake is involved? How do you feeling about the budding romance between Mellie and Rashad? What about Cyrus and Fenton? Let us know in the comments below.

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