Trust is the name of the game on season 6 of Scandal. Now that we know Eli killed Vargas, now we just have to figure out why. Well, we know he was being threatened, but just who is this new group? And while we’re no closer to finding out who the group is, “A Traitor Among Us,” leaves us with more questions about just who is to be trusted among our core Scandal characters. Olivia asks Huck to kill Eli, but Huck thinks something else is going on. His judgment gets clouded when his emotions get involved and he tries to find this group’s mole.

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Trust No One

After some quick rounds with Meg in the boxing ring, Quinn and Charlie interrupt Huck to ask if he’s seen Olivia. He checks his voicemail and leaves abruptly to go get Olivia. He picks her up at a random restaurant on the side of the road and she asks him to kill her father.

Back at her apartment, she explains that her father killed Vargas. Huck immediately thinks something else is going on, as Command would protect the Republic, not take down the president. However, after she goes on and on, he finally agrees. He follows Eli down into a Metro station, where Eli gives him a little over two minutes to ask him questions or kill him. Huck, despite holding a gun to Eli’s head, hears him out. Eli explains that he was forced to kill the president. He adds that these people are threatening Olivia, and if Huck kills him, Olivia will be compromised. When Huck sees these people get off the next train looking for Eli, he believes what Eli is saying. Eli then tells Huck that there is a traitor among them, and that he should trust no one.

Tracking Down a Mole

Huck, for some reason, immediately thinks that the mole is either Quinn or Charlie, so he bugs them. He then follows Quinn to an apartment, which has Jake and Jenny Fields inside. Jake tells him that what Olivia told him is true, Eli killed the president and Jake kept Jenny alive. Jake also tells him that Eli was involved with a woman named Sandra, and perhaps, she can provide answers. Huck agrees, but he is still leery of Quinn.

At the office, Quinn confronts Huck about his accusations. She then asks if he’s vetted Meg. Huck immediately says Meg isn’t the mole, but Quinn quickly reminds Huck that he’s easily played, just like his former lover Becky who framed him for Fitz’s assassination attempt.

Later that night, Meg asks Huck if she can talk to Olivia about finding Jenny’s killer. Huck immediately gets suspicious and the next day he goes to see Abby about getting in to talk to a high-level prisoner. When she turns him down, he offers up info that Jennifer Fields is alive, and she immediately calls David to get Huck in to see this prisoner. The prisoner is his former lover, Becky. He wants to know how Becky got into his head and got him to trust her. He asks her how it was done and she agrees to tell him, but asks for a favor in return. She then gives him a sob story about her dying sister, and when Huck agrees to find the sister, Becky starts laughing and says he hasn’t changed. She says she made up the story and that Huck was always a sucker for a good story. She asks who is playing him, asking if the person is damaged, and he just gets pissed off and leaves.

Huck then calls Olivia to tell her her father has changed, and tells her about Sandra. Olivia doesn’t believe him and tells him to get the job done. Instead, Huck continues to track Meg now. And just as he’s about to leave, he sees the woman threatening Eli (the blond woman we only know as Sara, if that’s her real name) sit down next to Meg and start talking.

So, Who Is the Mole?

Later that night, Huck calls Meg to come over and then threatens her and asks her who the woman is. Meg acts scared and calls him a monster, saying she doesn’t know the woman. She adds the woman just sat down and said she worked in Meg’s office. She then tells Huck she loves him, but if he has to use his serum on her, then he should just do it. Huck believes her and lets her go.

Olivia, Quinn and Charlie then confront Huck in a parking garage about his secret meetings with Eli. She then produces the body of Sandra, saying Eli must have killed her, just like he killed the president. Huck insists that they are all wrong, and that someone is threatening Eli. He adds that Eli is a changed man, that people can change. Olivia doesn’t believe him for a second, so she orders Huck to dispose of the body, and for Quinn to kill Eli.

As Huck is burying the body, he finds a small device hidden behind Sandra’s ear. He gets the data off of it, which is a complete surveillance video from the lab. He shows the video to Olivia, and they watch the entire situation with Eli and this new group play out, including Sandra’s death. Olivia calls off the hit on Eli. She and Huck then go see Meg, who says she doesn’t want to see Huck ever again. Olivia gains her trust when she tells her Jenny is alive. Olivia then uses her magic, power and words to get Meg to trust Huck again.

Together, Huck and Meg go to see Jenny. And once they are inside, Meg whips out a gun and not only kills Jenny, but shoots Huck several times, leaving him to bleed out on the floor.

Abby then meets up with Meg and the blond lady/Sara and asks if the job is done. Meg assures her Jenny is dead. Abby then asks about Huck. Meg tells her that Huck will not know that Abby is involved.

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Abby Is the Mole?!?!?!

What the heck is going on? Abby is the mole? While I didn’t trust Meg for a second (and I figured as soon as she saw Jenny she’d kill her) I had no idea that Abby was the one who called the hit. That one definitely threw me for a loop. But I still want to know who this group is. And was it Abby who ordered the hit on the president too? Would she go that far? Has Abby been working with this group the entire time? Is Fitz involved too or just Abby? How can this group be more powerful than Eli? And who really wants Mellie in the Oval? Abby? Fitz? This group? Everyone?

There are just so many more questions in season 6 after “A Traitor Among Us.” And while I do miss the on-again-off-again Olivia and Fitz saga, I do like all of the twists and turns. For once, it’s not just cut and try. It’s not just Eli is the bad guy behind everything.

I just hope someone was able to find Huck before he bled out. The fact that Meg told Abby that he won’t know she’s involved makes me believe Meg left him alive. So we shall see soon enough.

So what do you think is going on? Were you surprised Abby is working with this group? How far back do you think Abby has been working with them? Do you think Huck is dead? Let us know in the comments below.

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